Places To Visit In New South Wales NSW , 12 Most Favourite
Koscuiszko National Park

Along with Victoria and Queensland, NSW has such elongated beach as its primary tourism attraction. In the other hand, city center is not about coastal line and other beachy panorama. It has more than that.


As other region in Australia mainland, NSW has Wollemi National Park, Blue Mountain National Park, Barrington Tops National Park, and also the famous Great Barrier Reef at offshore which is considered to be one of best diving spots in the world by UNESCO.

Beside nature reserve and outdoor attraction, urban destinations are preferably as they offer you as exquisite chilling spots as those mentioned in open air realm. However, describing NSW is not enough by seeing through Sydney and Canberra, despite Canberra is state capital and main city.


Surely, some favourite things you can do in NSW is exploring both town and beaches, and at the same time it has one of most reputable wine regions which national productions came from this area. For further overview about NSW, here belows are numerous places you can go for vacation with family, spouse, or by solo travelling during your visit in Australia :

1. Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay is definitely magical and the prime location as it is highlight of south coast. These beaches are a cluster of best location in the region, almost contested among similar coastal line among NSW. in NSW alone, beaches are popular among surfer and many of them is searched as its possession of incredible wave.


Surfing become main attraction here. But if you have no capacity in it, then chilling on the sandy beach is quite adequate, since the water itself has cooler temperature compare to other region in Aus.

Jervis Bay is probably has notorious thing you may be surprised. It is not as over-developed as other modern urban city, and tourists are given natural panorama with white and pure sand. Talking about Jervis Bay, coming here not for surfing, whale watching, kayaking and canoeing is also good idea instead. Walking down the coast line is least at leisure options.


2. The Snowy Mountains

Describing Australia as mostly dry land with hot temperature as prevalent yearlong, visiting Snowy Mountains you may probably revise your words. Alpine Way, in winter season is best place to have skiing and snow playing.

Also Yarrangobilly Caves are good to explore during winter months which usually occurs during different period of months as it in the northern hemisphere countries.

Yarrangobilly Caves, Kosciuszko National Park

Climbing on Australia’s highest peak, Mount Kosciusko seen as different perspective on the way we look at Australia. Here you can bike riding on the trails and get it parked on the area nearby, then continuing for Thredbo ski fields.

Places To Visit In New South Wales NSW , 12 Most Favourite
Koscuiszko National Park


3. Mudgee

Considered to be favorite but hidden location in NSW, Mudgee is merely 4 hours drive from city center. There is area in Mudgee that locals say it as prime region to grow grapevine. It is called as Hunter Valley, where almost every products of good wine came from here. It is interesting since you could cycling through grapevine yard and passing wineries, and it requires no tour guide.

Yet, this why it is called as ‘hunter valley. You go hunt your wine by yourself, on the bike you ride. As wineries and grapevine had long history, numerous heritage buildings stands on your way, along with wide street, parks and country area. You can check out all of them by driving away from Sydney with 3.5 hours journey.

4. Kangaroo Valley

Say something about kangaroo in NSW. They will be able to see at southern part of NSW, in a region named Kangaroo Valley. It is a distinct difference between kangaroo and wallaby. The first is bigger. And wallaby is considered to be kangaroo in smaller size, also they are classified in different page of taxonomy.

In Australia, kangaroo has broad range of natural land where they can adapt for live. In Kangaroo Valley, you can meet them in green lawn complete with bush escarpments, almost the same as kangaroo live in their natural habitat. Here you can also see wombats. Finish with kangaroo, walk down by town center and have yourself being blended with social life as they have historical bridge, waterfalls and country pub.


5. The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains named after its typical landscape that in certain altitude or aerial sight, you will see clusters of mountainous realm that colored in blue (due to its huge area covered).  In particular spot, Blue Mountains have the Three Sisters which are famous for forested fern and you can hike down the rainforest covered with valley for miles away.

Some locals say that Blue Mountains Chocolate Cafe on Lurline street deserves your vacant time to have beer with. Maybe the best in region. Or go for lunch time at Ambermere Rose Inn as they may offer you rabbit pie as signature dish. Beside the mountainous landscape, Blue Mountains are also known as best place to get local products especially in agriculture, and own several locations such as cafes, cozy pubs, and restaurants.


6. Byron Bay

As mentioned that NSW is state that beach become daily life, so that Byron Bay as it goes for surfing lovers. During certain period of months, where waves at its best vibe, surfers go down the coast to seek possible moment of riding on the wave. And it happens almost annually.

Beside Byron Bay, NSW is also famous for its National Parks, arts and culture, the markets, social hub as they hold numerous festivals. In different spots, sunrise and sunset is another pleasure to go. Particularly in summer when the sun shine brightly and sky has small amount of cloud, spectacular sunset become incredible background along with cluster of mountainous landscape.


7. The Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley has actually nothing to do with food gathering by seeking prey and deliver the arrows. Technically, it is a valley where weather is suitable for growing grapevine and considered to be one of best wine brewery.

It is not merely about wine brewery and fine gourmet, despite such pleasures are also exist. You can, in day period, cycling through vineyard passing the wineries and take quick lunch aftermath.


Lovedale Road Trail is waiting, due to in the area, many chocolate shops, relaxing spa treatment, and restaurants present as primary both cultural and social products. As winery complex, you can taste best wine in the area and go to Mountain View Trail. Also driving up to Bimbadeen Lookout for spectacular view over the valley.


8. Coffs Harbour

Having trip from Sydney to Brisbane, Coffs Harbour is on your way, and it is popular stop as Coffs Coast Region lay down on the road. Near the street, there is special Red Rocks Beach at the north and the Sawtell town.

Wandering around Coffs Harbour, there is Dorrigo National Park that makes every visitor feels being overwhelmed under rainforest canopy walk. Still inside the national park, Dangar Falls sounds good to hike. Staying for a week, Bellingen Markets that is held monthly in third Saturday is lovely place to find anything you probably need.


9. Armidale

The town has university named Armidale. It is located at the picturesque New England region which has friendly atmosphere. The building is a historical heritage with tree lined street, waterfalls, and gorges. Like another spot in the town, Armidale is also reputable for good food and wine. Deciding to stay for a week is too long. Taking two or three nights is quite enough.


10. Newcastle

It is Australia’s seventh biggest city and experienced such rapid transformation in past years. As another city with beach, Newcastle own several beach town with pubs and industrial region mostly produce steel. Those steels are used for many creative implementation as people here commonly focused on cultural and art life.

Staying in Newcastle, restaurants, cafes, and pubs with live performance become primary offering along waterfront exist at the town center. But in Newcastle, you may come here not for essential beach. However, urban and social life are seemingly offer you more than beach can do.


11. Kingscliff

Located at northernmost region, Kingscliff brings you almost at Queensland. It is one of beachy town in Australia where you can get yourself relaxed with social life as vibrant tone. Kingscliff is liveable, walkable, and enjoyable due to presence of numerous cafes and some spots of water attraction. With such friendly locals, Cudgen Creek is something else. Heading toward north coast region, Cabaritta Beach and Fingal Head have waiting for you.

12. Sydney


Last, but certainly not least, is the big smoke. Sydney sits high on any international destination hit list, let alone being the draw card and gateway to NSW. If you are going to visit Australia then you can’t miss Sydney.

It has something for everyone such as stunning harbour-side location, the iconic beaches, excellent restaurants, fantastic cafes and pubs, world heritage sites, terrific shopping, incredible festivals, a multicultural population, and good year round weather. But don’t just use Sydney as a gateway to NSW.