Was once written in ancient manuscript and mentioned repeatedly as the city of of the west, land in the west, and land of the setting sun, were old term for describing old word ‘Span’ or ‘Hispania’. A region which scholars of historical science often associated with sun or western land.

‘Reino de Espana’ now developed become one of renowned country in Europe, following its neighbourhood countries and list itself among western European countries which not only modernized in technology, but also has historical value for tourism side as preserved for long time.

Kingdom of Spain as a country which possess long history of exploration and wars hide gems of archaelogical sites as well as historical buildings where they used to be important place in the past. During trip in Spain, you will see most of attraction is taken spot of old buildings, fortresses, museums, and other old alley. Besides, there are also such nature attraction as beach, desert, and mountainous landscape.

Here I list you 12 spot you may be interested in having good and romantic time during visit in Spain :


  1. Salamanca


Salamanca is a city located in central Spain and possess breathaking beauty of old construction. It is an old town with plenty of historical building. Built in arround 12th century, locals called it as ‘golden city’. One of interesting thing you can see in Salamanca is its one of Europe’s best universities. Besides, it also a 12th century’s Catedral Vieja and Casa de las Conchas that is painted with original form of ornamental picture preserved for centuries.

As an old city, such landscape as old-stoned-bridges, browny walled typical building and taverns exist to satisfy visitor upon their lust of historical knowledge. Baroque’s styled restaurant become one of magnificent display and offers you their best serve of Mediteranean meal, still in quite affordable price.

2. Granada


Granada is just another place to see such historical building as castles, old bridge, churches, and walls due to it was the location where old occurence ever happened. Nestled at the bottom of Sierra Nevada valley, it is home for famous palace of Alhambra, important palace once owned by Moorish-Spanish ruler.

The Alhambra that was built arround 14th century and last its beauty until today, hide some exquisites architecture with old ornaments and typical Spanish-mixed garden that is considered to be still magnificent today. With direct view to the top of the snowy mountain, this location is basically offers cool weather within warm Mediterranean realm.

3. Huesca


Located in the city of Aragon, with approximately 52.000 people inhabitant, it is an ideal tourism destination and one of spots you can feel very Spain. Pyrenean mountains hiding this city which has several spot marked as UNESCO world heritage, such as Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park and St James’s pilgrim path.

Castles as those resemble in other city in Spain, Huesca also possesses some of them. Hiking arround the city may take short period of time on foot. In the evening, experience medeival feeling upon old building and housing beamed by dim light of bulb lamp. Near the city, plateau and forest is waiting to explore. You can even have small sport activity in here. But normally, historical buildings and citadels are the main attraction.

4. Logrono


Famous of its rich tradition and most cultured city, Logrono is one of historical spot Spain possess, and is considered to become one of best historical destinations in the country. Tracked back in middle ages, the city has world heritage displayed as pilgirm’s route to the curch Santiago de Compostela. Another historical attraction is Cathedral of Santa Maria la Redonda where were also once pilgirm shelter before continuing their next journey.

Beside historical spot, there are also culinary properties you can find here as the original taste of Spanish hospitality. Its old history as developed small town, rising up along with food as well. Try to eat local dishes such as Marzipan and Almond pastries easily found as streetfood or nearby humble restaurant.


5. Bilbao


May be Bilbao is not totally cultured city in term of old and historical building. However, this city is a perfect example of urban plan where contemporary architectural design emerge as new face of modern Spain. This is actually beautiful city for you who have strong sense of artistic standpoint. Bilbao offers such different perspective on Spanish art and modern city design.

There is an outstanding place as a must-see, Museo Guggenheim of Bilbao, that was designed by Frank Gehry. Officially opened for public in 1997, this prominent and modern contemporary works seen as prevalence. An eye catching titanium construction present as contrast statement toward other old historical building. Thus, through Bilbao, Spanish gain its reputation as wolrd’s art center.

6. Running of the Bulls (San Fermin) in Pamplona


Similar to other cities in Spain which has old constructed building as main tourism attraction, Pamplona also own such things. With Gothic, Baroque, and neo-classical styled, medieval churces and palace and fortress are preserved and converted to become museum. Nevertheless, the local identity of Pamplona is not its historical building but cultural understanding which presents as running bull festival. Here, you have to understand that term of running bull is seen both technically and non-technically.

Come to Pamplona during a week festival of Fiesta de San Fermin and join the honorable local tradition. Visitors are welcome to set position along with locals and stand (also run), and being chased by herds of stampeded bulls at the city street. It sounds crazy and dangerous, but don’t worry, the bulls have been conditioned as something funny instead of harmfull. Still, be carefull, the bull will press you hard with their horn. You just need to follow the crowd to have yourself saved. This ‘bull festival’ is usually held in early July by noon.

  1. Seville and its famous fairs


Once former capital of Andalusia and is fourth largest city n Spain, Seville booked at least three UNESCO world heritage sites. Reales Alcazares palace, Santa Maria de la Sede Cathedral, and General Archive of the Indies. Where Santa Maria de la Sede Cathedral possess the remains of Christopher Colombus (named after his ship Santa Maria).

Hanging out arround Seville, you can blend with social life as in the street will be easily found orange blossoms, fountains, and flamenco guitar’s player along path you walked down. It is a charming city and only peace alike exist in modest form of cultural environment. Fairly busy city, street and alley full of small restaurant where you can tatse original Spanish coffee and local meal cooked with local product.

One of important event in Seville is Semana Santa or holy week, approaching a week long easter festival where elaboration of religious procession carried out through narrow street and believed to become city’s magnetic annual occurence.

In April, spectacular attraction called Feria de Abril, considered as highest level of Spanish festival, held at the bank of Guadalquivir river. Locals dressed in native flamenco and mount horseback seat during the celebration of Sevillan dance. There will be also typical Sevillan beverages named jerez (sherry) and manzanilla (chamomile) wine, along with local tapas.

  1. Canary Island


Inspite of its location is nearly closer to African Morroco and Sahara desert, Canary island which is actually small archipellago belongs to Spain. Far away from Spain mainland, it is one of beachy spot and best tourism attraction with world class but still humble in social life.

Covering approximate area as wide as 7500 km square, Canary island is perfect remote area to escape for a while from crowd urban world. There are La Palma, El Hierro, La Gomera, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura you can freely choose to stop. Each islands mentioned have at least relaxing coastline with fairly wavy water but still good to open swimming.

Another attraction that may be interesting but barely inapropriate is information that in some spots you are allowed to get naked during sunbathing without any disturbance from other visitors. Also culinary properties are need to try. Local seafood product originated from indigenous marine captive breeding is another level of pleasure combined with goat cheese called majorero. Don’t forget to take sips of Los Bermejos local wine that have gained reputation among wine experts.

9. Santillana del Mar


Watching Hollywood movies setted on narrow alley and stony street, or old European building, you will feel as ancient as it visiting Santillana del Mar. Known as one of well preserved medieval old city, it is located in Cantabria region in northen Spain. This small town, alike in the moview, is nested in a valley with wavy topography. Outside the town, large scale of meadow elongated and used as shepherded.

Old stoned curch and 12th century Colegiata de Santa Juliana, was home for city’s patron saint. You can also visit prehistoric site Altamira cave on the outskirt. Although the cave is no longer open for public, there is a museum nearby where you can see original imitation of centuries year old cave painting.

10. Burgos

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Located between Bilbo and Madrid, Burgos’ population is calculated by nearly 177.000 people inhabitant. The city is famous for its name as land of castles which is charming, romantic, and memorable. Castilian ambience remind us about medeival moment that one of preserved is called as Cartuja de Miraflores and also Abbey of Santa Maria la Real de Las Hueglas. It is centuries year old city that was initially built in 8th century.

A stunning Gothic cathedral is example of Spanish religious architectures showing the evidence that the city was once become outstanding in the ancient time. Exploring arround, you are merely need foot travelling. Besides, there are humble but exquisite restaurants too. Special indigenous tapas can be obtained during alley pacing.

11. Girona

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Girona is a city located in Catalunya prefecture at eastern part of Spain. Covering area as large as 40 km square, it is the largest city in Catalunya with incredible museums, galleries, and some spotted Gothic styled churches. Get lost in Girona will give you real experience as direct touching with medieval sense due to its supporting old construction buildings.

Nesting right at the bank of Onyar river makes Girona have such peaceful atmosphere. Along with remain of Roman fortress named Forca Vella, such numerous attractions are waiting to visit as Arab Bath and St Pere de Galliagants.

There is also fairly large garden landscape called Passeig Arguelogic and magical watchtower. Overall, history is a general picture of Girona stand on the same level as another castled city in Spain.

  1. Toledo

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Some historians mentioned term of Spain was derived from ancient word that means as ‘to forge’. Refered to perticular location in Spain that wellknown for its blacksmith and metal forging expert. Toledo stands as one of them specifically through historical evidence said that in the middle of 15th century, in this city is influenced by Arabian culture and Moor’s where occurence of war were still iin frequents. Thus, usage of qualified blade were also prevalence and most of them were forged here.

Toledo today is a historical life monument once ever become social hub among Christian, Muslims, and Jews. They were living in harmony behind adorable wall and get along with mosque, church, and synagogues built adjacent each other.

Toledo is quite small to explore since it perches on island city surrounded from three sides by Tajo river. It is also listed on UNESCO world heritage as city with well preserved stoned-medieval street.