Being one of the countries in South East Asia region, Vietnam has plenty to offer to tourists and visitors. Despite of the dark memories of war a long time ago, Vietnam today is a very welcoming country for tourists. Yet it will always be important to have some basic ideas and information regarding the spots to visit in Vietnam. Well the idea is to really maximize the trip in Vietnam without having to deal with bad experiences along the way.

So, it is always a great idea to get closer to the locals by ordering some meals from local street vendors. Quality breakfast before starting a long day trip all over Vietnam could simply be in form of pho.

One thing for sure, tourists always attracts locals in Vietnam especially when they visit local street vendors. The streets of Vietnam have been there for more than a thousand of years. Having a breakfast of pho alongside some locals may come to an interesting encounter as well.

It is a common thing to find motorbikes, scooters and bicycles all around the streets of Vietnam. Some of those things are actually carrying three or even four people along the way with surgical masks to hide themselves from air pollution out of various vehicles in town. The streets are fully congested with food vendors as well as small shops that are all so attractive for some visitors and tourists.

One of the considerably peaceful areas of Vietnam is Tam Coc area. Well, it offers such stunning scenery that some people even consider it as the Halong Bay on land. It takes about two long hours over bumpy roads from Hanoi to finally get to the stop in the Tam Coc area of Vietnam.

A travelling van is the popular choice of moving from Hanoi to this Tam Coc area. Along the way there is the Temple of Dinh Bo Linh at Hoa Lu. It was actually the capital of Vietnam during the time of Dinh Dynasty within 968 and 980. Surely that was a long time ago. Yet it has its remains kept properly to be the main attraction where Asian tourists often gathered around the golden statues of the king and deliver their prayers. This place is pretty much a sacred place now where some people even lit incense and deliver offerings.

So, the area of Tam Coc is about 9 kilometers in southwest direction of Ninh Binh. There are day tours that can be arranged right from Hanoi or Ninh Binh to go to Tam Coc. Hotels and travel agencies are all available to help with this matter. As a matter of fact there are regular buses as well from Hanoi to go to the Tam Coc area. The bus will leave at the interval of 15 minutes.

Trains are available as well with the regular station of the Reunification Express. The trains come from both directions that make it easy to travel to and from Tam Coc. It is possible to have a rest a bit at the Van Lan village just outside of the Tam Coc area though to find high quality embroidered stuffs.

Thoa Lu itself is the gateway to visit the Ninh Binh region. Well the Ninh Binh region is a wonderful place for real that resembles an Asian postcard. It has limestone karts with dramatic appeals as well as rice paddies in dazzling green all over the area. Traditional farmers can always be seen within the fields wearing their conical hats white doing everything they have to do to maintain the fields.

It is recommended to take a rowboat in about three hours all along Ngo Dong River to get the best experience in relation to rice fields. Surely it is a thing that should be done while in Vietnam since rice fields may not be available in all parts of the world, right?

Starting the trip over the river will need the help of the locals with their wooden boat. Small wooden boat may well be enough to carry up to 2 tourists since 2 locals will definitely be there to do the rowing on the boat. They will do the rowing one at a time to reach the destination just in time. Along the river there is set of stunning scenery like no other. Even just by hopping on a wooden boat, such extraordinary view is there to enjoy.

Many boats full of tourists can always be seen all over the river along. Within the breathtaking scenery there are giant karsts as one of the best features to enjoy. Of course there are rice fields as well as farmers with their weathered faces all along the side of the river.

Surprisingly the registered boats to carry tourists within the river are at the number of 1,300 boats. They are all carry tourists with their armaments slowly so that they will be able to capture everything and anything they want to capture with their cameras. Three caves are included within the tour that is actually the reason to be the name of the area


Aside of the breathtaking view, the sound of gentle padding into the water is there to boost the enjoyable atmosphere in a vast landscape of river and rice fields. The first cave is called Hang Ca in its 127 meters of length. The roof of the cave is somewhat low with cool and damp air with stalactites dropping water from above at all times.

The second cave is called Hang Hai and the third one is named Hang Ba in which the third cave means the end of the journey. There are many vendors offering and selling beverages and fruits following the end of the trail. Tourists can enjoy all of those stuffs before heading back to the starting point of Van Lam.

Sometimes the locals who are controlling the boats even come up with their stuffs to offer. Commonly there will be t-shirts, tablecloths, or even artworks made of stitches that could attract some of the tourists to finally buy some of the items there. It may be small item but surely they will find it so joyful when tourists buy their stuffs so consider buying at least one item out of them instead of buying from one of many street vendors. Well that is about a short trip over the Ngo Dong River with its breathtaking scenery and warm locals along the way. Surely it is just a small enjoyment that can be experienced when traveling to Vietnam.