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Vietnam is not just another country in Asia. It offers many great things that cannot be found in other parts of the globe. It is a beautiful as well as a diverse country with vibrant culture and strong history. Many reasons have attracted people to finally visit Vietnam today.

Well, those who have never been to Vietnam before will probably getting really interested to plan a trip upon knowing these interesting facts of Vietnam to follow. In short there are great foods, incredible sceneries, jaw-dropping archaeological marvels and harmonious mix of culture waiting to be enjoyed and experienced. So, these are all of the interesting stuffs of Vietnam to make a trip there is a worthy one.

There is the world’s largest cave in Vietnam. Surely this is an amazing and interesting thing that can only be found in Vietnam. The gigantic cave was first discovered back in the year of 1991. The location is in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National park close to the border of Laos. It has its length of more than 5 kilometers with about 200 meters of height and 150 meters of width. Well, that is a giant cave right there, right?

Following that measurements this cave offers a calcite wall in 60 meters of height called The Great Wall of Vietnam. It also has stalagmites measured up to 70 meters of its height. A good thing about the cave is that it can actually be explored by travellers although it is not the most accessible cave in Vietnam. The trek is so dangerous so that only few people are allowed to explore it. Otherwise there are other beautiful caves within the area and around Vietnam to explore and enjoy.

VIETNAM – MAY 03: A jungle grows inside Hang Son Doong. (Photo by Carsten Peter/National Geographic/Getty Images)

Vietnam is actually a spiritual country just as some other countries within the region. It follows Buddhism in which it delivers countless temples and shrines all over the country. They are all well-decorated and kept properly so that travellers and tourists can visit and feel the positive energy of Buddhism. The Tran Quoc Pagoda originated from the 6th century is one of the must-visit temples in Vietnam.

Aside of that temple there is the Cao Dai temple as well as the Temple of Literature following the Tran Quoc Pagoda as must-visit temples. Each one of them offers their unique characteristics as the candy-colored finish of the Cao Dai temple in Saigon. It really is a must to visit some temples in Vietnam to really get the breeze of religious aspects of the country that cannot be found anywhere else.

Another interesting thing of Vietnam is that the hills are full of life. Well, it is pretty similar to Laos and China that there are ethnic groups scattered all over myriad of hills in Vietnam. They are basically low in numbers recognized to be about 54 groups in Vietnam. One of the areas known as the Ha Giang hides the tribes of San Chay, Zao, H’mong, Tay, Lo Lo and Nung with their traditional ways of life. The ancients are the place where they live alongside spectacular scenery to enjoy every day. It is possible to have a tour to this area and get to know those tribes though.

It is quite interesting to know that New Year in Vietnam is actually in February. Well basically it falls in the same day as the Chinese New Year using the basic calculation of lunar calendar. The day is called Tet in Vietnam in which families will celebrate together while the house will be decorated with apricot blossoms or peaches. During the first week of the New Year it will be highly noisy there in Vietnam since drums, gongs and firecrackers deliver their sounds all over Vietnam to ward off evil spirits.

Beautiful beaches are there all over the long coastline of Vietnam. It is pretty imaginable that Vietnam has lots of beaches due to its S shape 3444 kilometers coastline. Well, the coastline extends from the northern area of Halong Bay to the Gulf of Thailand. Beaches will always attract people to visit so that many things can be found all around the beaches as well. Some of the most popular beaches in Vietnam include Ho Tram, Vung Tau, Hue, Da Nang, Con Dao, Mui Ne and Nha Trang.

Following the long coastline with beautiful beaches, Vietnam has ton of islands as well. Island shopping is a kind of thing that can be done in Vietnam. The popular islands to visit include Phu Quoc, Con Dao, Cat Ba and Cham Islands. All of them are surrounded by crystal clear seas and white sands. Meanwhile the choices of accommodation vary a lot from a natural style rustic bungalow to five-star eco-resort.

A perfect harmony of culture can easily be found and seen in Vietnam. Some other countries in Asia may not really be able to show that well though. Various different cultures in Vietnam are actually the legacies of its past. Chinese architectural style along with its religious influences along with some French cultures in language and foods are there within the mix. Furthermore Japanese arts as in martial arts are also there with the contemporary cultures of modern America. The harmony of such mixed cultures creates a pretty decent environment to explore and enjoy within all parts of Vietnam.

Those who are needed help in dating will love the so-called love market in Sapa. Well, it is a really interestingly unique fact of Vietnam, right? Sapa is located at the northern mountains of Vietnam in which the love market is held every Saturday night. It has been done for several generations now.

In the market there will be young Hmong singles originated from various villages within the proximity tory to find other singles. Basically they will show their interest toward each other by plating a certain tune using a curled up banana leaf.

It is crucial to get to it as soon as possible today since this so-called love market is getting less and less popular with the advancement of technology. It may well be replaced completely by online dating services or simply social media.

A unique show called water puppetry can be found in Vietnam. In some other countries of Asia there are other types of puppet show while this one is totally different. This is a form of art known to begin back in the 11th century. The puppets are made of wood finished in lacquer to protect them from the water.

They are controlled by a concealed puppeteer in a waist-deep pond today. Back then it was designed to be played in a rice field. The dancing of the puppets is the main attraction of this unique puppet show of Vietnam.

Dishes or foods will always be there to be the unique parts of any country in the world. In this case Vietnam has two best and unique dishes that cannot be found anywhere else. Pho and Banh Mi will be the foods or dishes to try when visiting Vietnam. Pho is basically a noodle dish type with rice noodles along with beef or chicken as well as chili and fresh herbs. Unfortunately the origin of that dish is unknown. Some people said that it was after the pot-au-feu or beef stew of France while some others said that it is Cantonese food.

Either way the other popular food is the Banh Mi. It is a delicious creation of baguette with many things stuffed in it. Pork sausage, pork, cilantro, pate, cucumbers, carrot and egg can all be found in a Banh Mi. Well there are plenty more enjoyable dishes out there in Vietnam though but those two dishes are the most popular.

Foods are all great in Vietnam in term of the taste. The basic idea of combining five elements of spicy, sour, bitter, salty and sweet is the key. That combination refers to the five key elements of metal, wood, fire, water and earth so that they are all well-balanced. There will be a chance to decide on how much spice or chili to add inform if a small bowl of salt, pepper, lime and fresh chilies offered in the middle of the table in many restaurants or food stalls. Basically the foods in Vietnam are pretty tasteful compared to western foods with just a pinch of salt and pepper.

phong nha, tour, hotel

Going back to the cave matter, it has a long cave that is even longer than the largest cave in the world It was mentioned that the largest cave is in Vietnam in which within the same national park there is the longest cave. The cave is named Phong Nha with its length of 7.7 kilometers with a subterranean river alongside having nearly 14 kilometers of length.

Well, it only has its first 15 kilometers of area that can be explored by visitors though. Yet even just that long of the cave area will satisfy most visitors with immense stalagmites, grottoes, stalactites and cave ponds. It is highly accessible from Son Doong to be one of the most popular attractions for tourists.

Having a tour to tiny underground tunnels abroad may not be a common thing. Well it can be done in Vietnam though. Just close to Saigon there is the Cu Chi district with its Cu Chi Tunnels. The tunnels were made by the Viet Cong during the period of Vietnam War as storage spaces as well as hiding spots and living quarters.

The original tunnels have a labyrinth at about 150 miles in which today some areas can still be accessed. Some sections of the tunnels have been renovated as well to be larger and more accessible so that visitors can get inside in a much more comfortable manner.

A surprising fact about Vietnam is that it is a country known as the largest exporter of cashews while also being the largest importer of cashews. How come? Well, it can be said that Vietnam is nuts for cashews since the demands are always in high level. The imported cashews came from Cambodia and some countries in Africa.

Talking about old stuffs, Vietnam has 8 sites included in the list of UNESCO. They sites consist of Hoi An Ancient Town, Ha Long Bay, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Trang An Landscape Complex, My Son Sanctuary, Central Sector of the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, Citadel of the Ho Dynasty and Complex of Hue Monuments. All of those sites will definitely worth the visit.

So, what else that could possibly attract more and more people to come to Vietnam? Surely there are many more decent places as well in this beautiful and interesting country.