Travelling either solo or in a group will always be a fun thing to do. Yet it will affect the things to do as well. A solo traveler will have freedom to decide on what things to do and where to go without having to worry about everyone else.

So, with the fact that there are many possible things to do in Vietnam, being a solo traveler means that everything is possible, right? Even a female solo traveler can highly enjoy a trip to Vietnam without having to worry about anything at all.

Well for those who are actually planning to go on a solo trip to Vietnam, these are some of the best things to do as a solo traveler without compromising any possible enjoyment of the Vietnam trip itself.

Within the chatters of travellers about Vietnam, Halong Bay is one of the popular spots to visit when in Vietnam. Thus one of the things to do by a solo traveler is to spend the entire night floating on a Vietnamese boat in the famous Halong Bay. The scenic characteristic of Halong Bay is one ultimate reason of any traveler should visit the spot.

Giant limestone cliffs, lush forests and fresh clear water create perfect scenery to enjoy even during the night. Many tours are available to choose when planning to spend 1 or 2 days at Halong Bay. Lots of activity can be enjoyed there as well such as kayaking, swimming, ta chi, hiking, cave exploring and squid fishing.

Next thing which is full of enjoyment even for a solo traveler is to take a cyclo ride all around the Old Quarter area of Hanoi. The Old Quarter is full of life all around the streets and corners. Bright colors of French architectural buildings along with fresh fruits and veggies are all there.

If it may be too slow and too tiring to go on foot, surely the cyclo ride is going to be the best option. There are various tours to join in term of cyclo ride in Old Quarter. Otherwise it is possible to rent a cyclo and have a kind of private tour with the cost at about 5 to 10 USD for an hour.

Enjoying the beaches of Phu Quoc Island for several days is another thing on the to-do list of a solo traveler in Vietnam. The beaches in the area of Phu Quoc Island have been so famous amidst travelers all around the globe. Crystal clear water along with white sands accompanied by coconut trees all along just resembles a postcard from Vietnam.

The beaches may well be having different characteristics of one another but still they are all enjoyable. Long Beach along with Ong Lang Beach should be the primary destinations for solo travelers with accommodations of the island are mainly there. Those two beaches are all offering calm ocean water with just the right breeze to enjoy all day long.

A bit of history lesson is actually offered though a tour in Hoa Lo Prison. The fact that Vietnam past is somewhat well known in term of wars, a prison will do just fine for a tour, right? American POWs named the prison as Hanoi Hilton which is now a museum. It features dioramas of life-size dummies in purpose of showing the life of the prisoners back then.

Many dioramas are accompanied by descriptive texts to really deliver the proper explanation of each one of them. Today some of the original buildings have been altered to house modern office buildings. The entrance to this museum is 2 USD for an adult. Be aware though since the dioramas featuring life-size dummies may well be frightening for some people.

Trang An is the next place to go for a solo traveler in Vietnam. It is actually the inland area of Halong Bay with limestone cliffs in the most spectacular appeal. Taking the boat ride along various waterways will be needed to be able to explore this area.

There are several temples along the journey in which travelers will commonly be offered the chance to explore them as well. It will take about 3 hours for a tour to explore the Trang An area with its cost up to 10 USD. A day trip from Hanoi will be needed to reach Trang An or it will be better to stay overnight in Ninh Binh.

Getting back to the old times is highly possible in the area of Hoi An. The area is often called as an old town due to the fact that there are many old buildings there. The buildings are kept properly so that the ancient beauties can still be enjoyed today. Narrow alleys along with yellow stained buildings and colorful lanterns perfectly combined to create a unique experience when exploring this town of Hoi An.

There is a ticket needed to visit the town which will grant an entry to 5 buildings from the total of 22. It may be a bit difficult to choose though since they are all so attractive in classic styles that are hardly found in other places today.

One of the sites of UNESCO in Vietnam is the temples of My Son. It is on a day trip from Hoi An to get to the complex in a lush Vietnam jungle. The site has its significance to the religious life of Vietnamese. The complex was originated to have 68 individual structures in which today there are only 20 of them left and preserved carefully.

Yet some of the 20 remains are in almost toppling over condition. Some of them remain to be perfect though. The detailing in some of the structures is so awesome like nothing else. Yet there are some aftermaths of war from the Vietnam War since the area was a battleground back then.

Next trip to enjoy is a day journey to the Cui Chi Tunnels. Well, it is actually another trip related to history. Surprisingly Vietnam gas lots of trips related to history than can be so enjoyable at the end. The tunnels are so fascinating to be missed out. It was built by the Viet Cong during the war times of 1940s. Within the time of Indochina conflict, it was the living quarters as well as storage facilities and hidden spots of the Viet Cong.

Two sections of the tunnels out of 250 kilometers in length can be visited and explored by visitors. It will really be a fun thing to do since in some areas of the tunnels visitors have to literally crawl to gain access to the next area. A day trip right from Ho Chi Ming city is the best bet to get to the tunnels in which joining a tour is recommended for a solo traveler.

The Mekong Delta will then be the next place to visit. Local villages offer homestay for tourists who spend few days there to enjoy many things. There is the popular Nguyen Shack just right outside of Can Tho for solo travelers. Basically the guys there will offer various tours to get the maximum enjoyment of the Mekong Delta.

Things to do and enjoy within this particular area include exploring Cai Rang floating markets in the morning, exploring Cai Rang land markets, riding a bicycle around the local villages, taking a boat tour along the river and enjoying a food tour of the Can Tho with some seriously exotic foods like frog, snake, crocodile and even rat.

Getting closer to the locals is often be unforgettable memories and experiences when traveling to other countries. Thus one last thing that a solo traveler has to do in Vietnam is to explore local markets within the Ho Chi Minh City area. Tourist markets will have the right settings for tourists but local markets will be as they are for the locals. Thus by exploring local markets there will be decent chances to find local foods as well as local stuffs that may not be there in tourists markets.


As a matter of fact there are over 3000 stalls in the popular Ben Thanh Markets of Ho Chi Minh City. Fresh fruits and veggies along with local souvenirs can all be found there. Next recommended local market is the Binh Tray Markets located at the largest China town in the Ho Chi Minh City area. Surely it will be a decent story to tell regarding the experience to bargain with the locals and trying to get the better deals. It will also be a good idea to bring local made souvenirs from Vietnam local markets when returning home, right?

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So, apart from the many popular spots to visit and things to do in Vietnam, there will always be the better options to consider especially when traveling solo. The freedom to choose where to go and what to do is always a benefit for those who really love to travel and explore something new. Just be sure to get prepared before starting the journey though since solo traveler means that no one else to count on when something come up later on.