Visiting a foreign country is always a fun thing to do especially when it comes to holiday matters. Unfortunately some people may find it difficult to really have fun in another country without sufficient knowledge of the visited country itself. Thus it is important to really find out everything about that country before planning a trip to visit it. Well, now this is all about Vietnam that everyone should know before going for a holiday in Vietnam.

General Stuffs

Money is surely important in many aspects. It is important to have money in the right currency when planning a trip to a foreign country. Vietnam has its Vietnam Dong as the active currency. Its rate is at 20,000 VND for 1 USD. There are some large cities in which USD is accepted in direct transaction. There is no need to get hold of VND in cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang.

When dealing with small businesses be sure to pay with cash only since credit card will only be useful in high end places that include hotels, bars and restaurants. ATM can be found easily within the scope of major cities. It is so important though to have VND when visiting rural areas. It is estimated that about 20 USD will be enough in a day for a backpacker.

Aside of the need of proper currency, it is crucial to know a bit of Vietnamese since it is the spoken language all over Vietnam. Yet in the main cities most of the people speak English which will be a bit easier for tourists to communicate.

Visa is definitely another crucial thing to pay attention when planning to go to Vietnam. There are several types of visa that are accepted in Vietnam. Visa on Arrival is only acceptable in three international airports of Vietnam. HCMC, Danang and Hanoi are the airports that will grant an entry with only Visa on Arrival. Meanwhile Tourist Visa is needed when the destination is not within the three international airports.

Another type of visa is the E-Visa which is eligible for 40 nationalities. It has its benefit that it does not need Visa approval letter. It can be applied online without having to go to the embassy. Furthermore it is actually possible to get visa extension when staying in Vietnam with specific terms and conditions for sure.

Weather condition in Vietnam as a big country means that it cannot be generalized. It is almost impossible to predict the weather in the entire Vietnam to be the same. In general according to the weather condition Vietnam is divided into two areas. The north area is so cold in winter and pretty hot in summer.

It is advisable to pay a visit from March to April or from October to December. Meanwhile the south area of Vietnam will be hot and dry weather from March to June, rainy from July to November, cool and dry from December to February. It is important to plan the trip well to avoid nasty occasions caused by weather conditions in Vietnam, right?


Next thing to think about before going to Vietnam on a holiday trip is surely the possible transportation options. International transport will surely include plane in which Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi is the destination of international flights. Tourists will mostly enter Vietnam through either one of those international airports. When opting for domestic transport, flight is considerably cheap and fast whenever possible.

Main options when planning for domestic flight within Vietnam include Jetstar, Vietjet Air and Vietnam Airline. Train is another transport option in Vietnam although some of the stations are located just outside the cities. It is possible to travel between Vietnam and China by train though.

Bus is surely a common transport associated to tourists, right? Most of the hotels in Vietnam work together with certain bus lines to provide a holiday package. It is actually possible to book a ticket to just go somewhere in Vietnam by bus. It is advisable to buy single ticket for the bus instead of going for the open bus. Single ticket means that the bus will go to the destination as stated on the ticket.

Meanwhile open bus is a decent choice for those who love to explore Vietnam further. Sleeper bus is available for longer trip in which the better part is the top bunk in order to be able to rest well along the road. The popular lines of bus in Vietnam include The Sinh Tourist and Futa Bus. Another beneficial thing about traveling by bus is that the staff really assists travelers and tourists with smooth and fast services of visa and paperwork.

It is true that riding a motorcycle to go around Vietnam sounds like fun for some people. Used bike can be purchased from 200 USD to 300 USD which will be nice to ride from Hanoi to Saigon. Surely it is a nice idea to enjoy the road although it is time consuming and pretty tiring. Renting a motorcycle is possible in hostels to explore the city.

It is important to wear helmets and ride responsibly due to the fact that tourists do not have license while Vietnam traffic is pretty terrible. Well one last option of transport in Vietnam is by boat. This one is considered to be a tour instead of a travel. Yet it is the least considered option when traveling around Vietnam.


Today it is pretty easy to deal with accommodation matters when having a trip to foreign country. TripAdvisor along with Hostelworld can be said to be the recommended options to find best deals of hostels in Vietnam. There are party hostels offered in Vietnam in which those may not be the option to pick when the idea is to have rest during the night in the hostels. It will only cost about 4 USD to 6 USD a night including breakfast and free wifi service.

Some hostels offer pool area, laundry service and family dinner with its cost of 8 USD to 10 USD. Hotels can always be considered as another option of place to stay in which it comes in a bit more expensive cost to pay. Yet the offered services will make it worth to pay about 25 USD to 50 USD a night with a comfortable double room to sleep. Meanwhile a bit more expensive option in high-end luxury package will cost 80 USD. TripAdvisor and is the best booking website to find best hotel deals in Vietnam.


This is definitely the main course of this guide, right? Well there are plenty of places to go when travelling to Vietnam. Certainly some of them are so popular that they have to be visited. Meanwhile some others may not be so common but still worth the visit when in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh City is definitely the start when travelling to Vietnam. The popularly called HCMC is the second largest city in the entire Vietnam in which it is now a modern metropolis unlike some other parts of Vietnam. Amidst the popular spots in HCMC are Reunification Palace, War Remnants Museum, Cu Chi Tunnel and also the Mekong Delta Tour. Moving away from HCMC there is Mui Ne that has been rapidly developed for about 15 years. It was just an inhabited small beach in which today it is a long strip full of resorts. It is the place to enjoy coastline for sure.

Dalat offers rather unique atmosphere unlike other parts of Vietnam. It will not be having tropical hot weather but surprisingly breezy and fresh air all over. Fruits and flowers can be seen all over the area instead of rice fields. Dalat is often called as the alter ego of Vietnam. Meanwhile there is a beautiful bay of Nha Trang that offers white sand beaches. It has been slowly transformed into a resort town with scuba diving is its main attraction. Island hopping and party boat should be included as activities to do in Nha Trang.

The Old Town in Hoi An is a must-go place for sure. Many backpackers recommended Hoi An as their favorite town in Vietnam. This town is included in the sacred list of UNESCO World Heritage Site so that there are classic beauties all over it. Chinese-styled shops remain at their beauty along the winding lanes of the Old Town. Certainly as the largest city in Vietnam, Danang should be visited as well. There are plenty of attractions in the central city area while the beaches are so beautiful as well.

Those who love to get closer to cultural stuffs should go to Hue. It offers the Forbidden Purple City as well as the Imperial Tombs alongside various temples and pagodas to enjoy. Another decent destination to visit in Vietnam is Phong Nha that is so popular of its trekking tours.

It has the biggest cave in the world to explore all day long accompanied by kayaking and ziplining to have more fun there. The perfect mixture of East and West can definitely be enjoyed in Hanoi as the capital of Vietnam. It is currently on a rapid development with its consistent spot within the Top 10 Destinations released by TripAdvisor. That fact makes it a place to visit in Vietnam.

Another town in Vietnam included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site is Ha Long Bay. It offers dramatic scenery all over the area. Large caves can be found within this area to explore as well as the beauty of Ca Ba Island that can be enjoyed on 2 or 3 days overnight tour.

So, one last recommended destination to visit in Vietnam is Sapa which is a perfectly beautiful mountainous region close to the border of Vietnam and China. Its rugged scenery is full of cultural diversity with hill tribes within rice terraces as well as lush vegetation. It has the highest peak in Vietnam as well.

So far those are a bit about Vietnam for those who really want to have a trip there. Surely there are many more stuffs about Vietnam to explore which may be better to experience them directly on the spot when finally having the chance to be there in Vietnam. Have a wonderful trip in Vietnam.