Understanding the basic things of certain places to go before really going there is highly important. It will greatly increase the enjoyment of such trip to a whole new place simply by understanding some of the basic things there. Well, some people may say that it is better to be surprised by not knowing everything at all.

Surely some people who are adventurous will love that idea. Unfortunately some others who are not that adventurous may find that idea to be insanely ridiculous. Either way, there are some basic things regarding Vietnam that are definitely important to understand before having a holiday trip there.

Visa is an important thing to pay attention when planning to stay in Vietnam for more than 15 days. It is said that most travelers need at least 3 weeks to fully enjoy Vietnam while some tourists need a month. Thus it is a must to apply the required visa since Vietnamese do not make it easy for foreigners to enter the country itself. It is advisable to apply for the visa a couple of weeks before the departure to Vietnam.

Apply the visa by asking for a letter of admission that can be obtained within 2 or 3 days from vietnamvisa.govt.vn with the cost is about 17 USD. Print the letter and the application form then get 2 passport photos ready as well as the right amount of money in VND to pay for the visa at the airport. The required things for the visa should be hand carried since the entire things will be done before baggage collection at the airport.

Once all things related to visa have been prepared, it is pretty important to get ready for visa queues right at the airport. Well, one terrible matter is that visa queues are so bad in Vietnam. Upon arrival at the airport it could be up to 3 hours of wait within the queue just to get clearance of the visa.

Surely that is another tiring wait after a long flight, right? So, in order to get the better chance of reducing the time within the visa queues at the airport there are some essential tricks to do. Get the front seats on the plane if possible. Go to the toilet before the landing sequences and then power walk or even run to the visa application desk once the plane has landed.

Next thing is travel vaccinations which are required to visit certain countries. Book an appointment at about 6 weeks or 8 weeks before the departure to ensure that all required vaccinations are due. There might be some new vaccinations to get as well following updates of several countries regarding dangerous diseases all over the globe. It is true that not all vaccinations are necessarily needed but the basic ones should be taken.

Currencies should be well prepared as well upon entering Vietnam. Both USD and VND will be needed and required accordingly. All things related to tourists and travellers will need USD all around Vietnam. Meanwhile the local VND will be needed in certain rural areas. Buying stuffs from the locals is an example of the time when VND is needed. Using VND will usually lead to cheaper prices when dealing with the locals especially in rural areas. Upon arrival it is possible to withdraw VND from ATMs but be sure to have USD to pay for the visa though.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are travel agents in every corner of towns in Vietnam. They will be very helpful to plan for the trip around Vietnam. In short, travel agents are the friends of travellers and tourists. So when there is a confusion in deciding where to go next, find their offices to get the right help to plan for the next things to do in Vietnam.

Booking the accommodation for first couple of nights in Vietnam is highly important. Those who have never been in Vietnam or other Asian countries will have to do this. There is a culture shock for real once arriving at Vietnam so that having the time to get used to the atmosphere there by securing a room to stay for several nights is highly necessary. One of the recommended spots to stay in Hanoi is the Nexy Hostel.

It is a luxury boutique style hostel that offers comfortable beds, great wifi connection, attractive d├ęcor, free breakfast alongside highly helpful staffs. Other choices are of course available such as dorms for about 10 USD a night and private rooms for about 35 USD a night. The thing is, book a room first before arriving to be able to get the proper rest before thinking about where to go next.

Haggling is considerably a must in Vietnam since it is part of the culture there. Thus be sure to ask for a better price or simply state the amount to pay. Some places may have fixed prices such as restaurants and bars but markets and independent shops will be the right places to hone negotiation skills. One thing to remember is that never accept the first asked price when trying to buy something. The first asked price can commonly be negotiated even to the half of it.

Next thing to keep in mind is taxi services. Surely there are official taxi companies in all major cities of Vietnam. Yet be sure not to hop on straight to the taxi found right outside tourist points. Some travelers have experience such thing as the meter go up so fast on a taxi parked outside tourist points. It is better to find a rather vacant spot to find a moving taxi. Otherwise calling the taxi companies is recommended to get the driver sent to the location. It might just be a minor scam but surely it is good to know about it and be aware.

Travelling from one city to another in Vietnam could be cheap with the service of sleeper buses. This type of bus is highly recommended since it is low on price while it offers high level of comfort upon its travel. The seat is pretty much a foldable bed. It can be stretched out and reclined to lay down in full stretch. Surely it is the best choice for those who want to move at night while enjoying the cities during the day. The comfortable seat of this sleeper bus will guarantee a good rest at night while the bus is moving. A trip from one city to another will only cost about 12 USD a person. It can be booked from travel agents just before the trip. Surely this is the ultimate choice for those who have a tight budget to spend along the trip in Vietnam.

Well, knowing just the right clothes to wear is crucial in Vietnam. No certain codes regarding clothes to wear though. A pretty laid back style of shorts or skirts and t-shirts will do in Vietnam. Going around the cities and places in those outfits will be okay. Yet upon visiting temples and mosques certain things related to clothes must be addressed. A pashmina is needed for girls while a pair of light weight long trousers should be prepared as well for both guys and girls. Well, such thing will also be useful in buses or planes with very cool air conditioning, right?

Finding internet connection over wifi is pretty easy in Vietnam. The reason is that wifi can be found everywhere. Hotels, hostels, cafes and restaurants will have their wifi for free. Some budget hotels will even have wifi services in the rooms. So there is no need to worry to stay connected in Vietnam since wifi is everywhere and the quality of the connection is not bad at all.

One last thing to think about is the comparison of hotels and hostels in Vietnam. The thing is that most people will be a bit afraid of the term hostels there. Well, one surprising thing is that hostels are great deal especially for those budget travellers. They are actually cheap, clean, well located and friendly. Private rooms with air conditioning are often available as well as shared dorms for even lower prices. So, it is recommended to find best deals of hostels first when booking for accommodations in Vietnam since they are not bad at all.

After all of those crucial things to prepare upon entering Vietnam, there is a kind of short packing list to prepare as well. Basically when planning to go to Vietnam there should be these following things. The list includes money in USD, documents for visa application, pashmina, waterproof jacket, day bag, light weight trousers, mini first aid kit, travel wash, mosquito repellents, after-bite, comfy sandals and a travel guide plus a map. Those are all the basic things that should be brought when planning to spend several weeks in Vietnam. Some of them can surely be purchased upon arrival since some of them may well be prohibited to be carried on plane. Traveling to Vietnam will always be a highly rewarded experience. There are many decent places to visit in which proper preparations will greatly increase the joyful travel experience in Vietnam.