A short holiday can never be enough when it comes to foreign destinations. Thus it is important to plan everything long before the holiday to make sure that it will be a wonderful holiday. Surely the very first thing to do is to schedule the right time. It is recommended to have a month or at least 3 weeks to go to Vietnam and fully enjoy and experience everything it has to offer there.

Once the time has been settled then it is time to plan the trip itself. Planning the route to take from day one in Vietnam to the last day of holiday there is crucial. Without a clear plan regarding the route then it will just be a waste of time and money instead of having a great holiday with beautiful memories.

It is the biggest issue to decide where to start upon traveling to a new destination especially foreign one. Is it okay to travel from north to sough tin Vietnam? Well, will it be better of it is the other way? Well, these are a few things to consider when planning a trip to Vietnam. Most of the people will have enough in just three weeks. Yet when it is possible, a month could be better so that there will be no rush at all.

Furthermore there will also be times to make up any possible delays as well with a month of holiday time in Vietnam. In short within three weeks or a month there will be enough time to enjoy stunning sceneries, visit some ancient temples and explore natural beauties of Vietnam. So, are you ready?

Surprisingly it will be okay to travel either from north to south or the other way around. The best starting point will either be Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi. It can certainly be affected by the origins of the tourists though. It is pretty common that tourists combine Cambodia or Laos with Vietnam on their trip. Those who came from the direction of Laos then should start from Hanoi.

“Subject: The Vietnamese currency, the Vietnamese Dongs.”

Meanwhile those who come from the direction of Cambodia should get the start at Ho Chi Minh or even Phu Quoc. The starting points are big and major cities in which it is the chance to prepare everything including money in the proper currency of Vietnam Dong. Rural areas may not be offering money changing service and foreign currencies may not be accepted as well, so get prepared in those big cities before starting the journey.

Deciding on the transports is crucial to get really maximize a trip to Vietnam. It is considered to be the ultimate dream of tourists to travel around Vietnam by motorbike. The pace can be controlled all over the trip and that every corner can be taken by liberty. Unfortunately it is not the option of everyone. Public transport can then be the ultimate choice for everyone in which bus is the cheapest option.

Unfortunately it is the slowest option of transport for those who do not want to waste their time. It is not that comfortable as well with less protection. Compared to bus, train is safer and of course faster with lots of stations all over Vietnam with night train services as well. It is quite expensive though since a night train from Ninh Binh to Hue will cost about 50 USD with the soft sleeper option to ensure good night sleep along the way.

Another reasonable option is plane as it is the fastest way to travel domestically around Vietnam. The setback of traveling by plane is that it is expensive without the availability of airport in all cities in Vietnam. At the end it will need to be combined with other transport options. It can still be quite cheap when the booking is done previously.

A trip to Phu Quoc booked two days earlier will only cost 25 USD per person. Those who want to get the feeling of being a rider can go for the easyrider transport. It means that there will be a local biker to take a tourist to go to many places in a flexible route. Apps that can be helpful in relation to transports in Vietnam include Galileo and 12go Asia.

Next thing to settle is the place to stay. It is advisable to get to a homestay if possible. A homestay will be cheaper than hostels and hotels with the wisdom of the locals around. Some of the locals may well be so helpful as well. Well, in certain areas it is crucial to book a hostel earlier to get the rooms. Hoi An is the city in which earlier booking is needed. Apps that could be helpful in finding places to stay in Vietnam include Hostelworld, Agoda, Booking.com and Air bnb.

Travel Route from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh

Starting out from Ha Noi the end of the trail could be in Phu Quoc. Next thing to do from Phu Quoc could simply be heading home or continuing the journey to Cambodia through the Ha Thien border. Basically the travel route from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh is called the black line. Hanoi is located at the center area of the northern Vietnam so that it is perfect to be the starting point of travel in Vietnam.

Being the capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi is a very loud ad busy city. Most travelers and tourists will only stay at Hanoi for one or two days since it is not that different from big cities in other countries though. It is possible to enjoy the entire Hanoi for a day despite of its crowded streets.

Few temples as well as Ho Chi Minh mausoleum alongside the prison is there to visit in Hanoi. Beers at Beerstreet as well as the iconic egg coffee in Hanoi should not be missed as well. It is easy to travel to Laos and China as well as other cities in Vietnam from Hanoi.

Next stop is Sapa as the hotspots of Vietnam which can be reached either by night bus or night train easily from Hanoi or even China. Different tribes live in the city creating cultural diversities within the mountains around the Sapa area. It is important to stay at local homestays in the Sapa area and then ask to have a hiking activity with them to really enjoy the area in local ways.

Halong Bay is the next spot to visit which is considered to be a miracle in Vietnam. Surely it is recommended to explore the entire bay by boat and stay at Cat Ba island. There are numerous trips within the bay organized by operators to choose. Next there is a place called Hue in which the great thing to do here is to rent a bike and enjoy the Hai Van Pass.

It can be done from Hoi An to Hue and the other way around with the same enjoyment. Along the way the belongings can be trusted to the bike rent companies which will then deliver the belongings to the destination with care.

Hoi An is considerably the most popular city in Vietnam with the fact that some travelers and tourists could stay for weeks in this city. The ambiance is so great and joyful while the city itself is so nice. It is close to the beach which is within reach from Da Nang. Handmade clothing can easily be found all over the city in high quality.

They look great with cheap price as well. Food markets are amidst the places to visit in this town. Da Lat is next within the route to enjoy. It is basically up high in the mountains with a lot lower temperature from the majority of Vietnam towns. A visit to the popular crazy house here is a must.

There are waterfalls as well to enjoy with just a simple jumping activity to do there. Straight from Da Lat the next area to go is Mui Ne in just four to five hours on bus. This Da Lat area is often called the city of flowers.

Mui Ne is the great stop between Da Lat and Ho Chi Minh according to most travelers and tourists. It is located exactly at the beach with sand boarding as a common thing to do here. Enjoying the sunset and sunrise within the trip is a must. The food is good in this part of Vietnam especially the fish in some restaurants. Just about another five hours on bus then it is Ho Chi Minh to enjoy.

This image is took around 5:30pm in the summer in Ho Chi Minh City.

Well, it was the capital city of Vietnam in which some people may call it Saigon. Unfortunately many travelers and tourists do not really like and enjoy the city. The Cu Chi tunnels just outside the city are the only popular destination of this area. Those who love to go to bars will find this city a good one. Some rooftop bars area awesome in Ho Chi Minh. Those who love history may well be paying a visit to the war museum as well.

Now the last stop is Phu Quoc with two options to reach this area. Either by boat or by plane can all be considered to visit this area of Vietnam. The beaches there in Phu Quoc are all phenomenal like no other beaches. It is best recommended to go to the beaches by bike. Even during rainy season this area of Vietnam remains to be beautiful and worth he visit and the trip.

So, those are a bit about several locations around Vietnam to enjoy within a month or at least three weeks. Basically it can be done the other way around from Phu Quoc to Hanoi as the final stop. At the end the key element is preparation so that the Vietnam trip will really be a highly enjoyable one with lots of great memories in mind.