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Great Ocean Road (GOR) is located at the southern part of Australia. Nearly adjacent to Melbourne, it is another stunning place visitor can go for magnificent nature panorama. In Australia itself, there are plenty of National Parks that covers almost 40% of the land, and GOR has few of them. It is actually almost nothing special with this region, except you have full time stay and visit is purposely for making holiday.

exciting great ocean road

Visiting GOR, you are here not for exaggerate beautiful beaches. However, some beaches may offer you another level of beauty through its uniqueness. There is hardly white sand or such elongated coastal line. But different perspective of how see the beach will be gain during your visit at numerous coastline such as Mariner’s Lookout and Apollo Bay. In the evening, it almost lack of attraction unless you will make your own along with other visitors. We suggest you to consider wandering in day period. Yet, coming in winter is also acceptable but only few people think it make sense. At GOR, especially other comers look for sunny day, and in winter the sky is almost covered by dark cloud.

YHA Apollo Bay accomodation in great ocean road

In GOR, if you are looking at great property to stay, YHA Apollo Bay hostel deserves a little of your time chilling out. Enveloped with not only naturally local hospitality, the place has unique contemporary architectural design. I personally have no idea about how standard design of ordinary hostel. But yet, I never heard about any hostel remain in lux construction. Almost every hostel I ever stay at, looks humble with self-service style of accommodation.

Apollo Bay is built at almost suburb location in almost remote area, but still with contemporary and nearly modern design. In this passage, we are going to talk about focusing on Apollo Bay overview that in it, has comfy chair, a little love seat nook, high ceilings, beautiful lighting, and fire pit that is burnt seven months a year. There is no TV inside, thus you have more time for social gathering along with other visitors. Or, go outside for hours walking by the street down by the coastal line. Bring enough money, rent a car and drive away to numerous nearby National Park which also offers such incredible panorama.

YHA Apollo Bay accomodation hostels

The Apollo Bay Eco YHA is basically designed as a hostel that will reduce outer impact of environment and help you to have great time staying in GOR. Thus, approaching the location, you need to go deeper into the ‘almost remote’ location with lack of lights. It is suitable for those who want escape from urban’s light that even beam bright light in the evening.

The building is designed so that the upper wing can be shut down in the winter to conserve energy. It also lets in a lot of natural lighting and is spacious, modern, comfortable and very clean. They also have a veggie garden that is available for guests to use for free.

YHA Apollo Bay garden

Nothing gets more excited to cook than a garden that supplies me with fresh ingredients, especially a sprig of rosemary for my cooking companion. Purchasing your own supply or raw material for estock is also available, since storing them is allowed as they also provide large cool case and fridge. They have modern kitchen in such humble environment. Considering that everything can be naturally look, but for stomach issue, there is no word as modest. Designed in two storey building, kitchen is available on both level to reduce queue and help crowds to cook separately at the same time.

YHA Apollo Bay rooftop view

The rooftop deck is also something else. Try to get up early as the sunrise approaching right after you step on the deck. Facing out straight to the horizon, both sunrise and sunset is just pretty view to watch without anything on the way of sight.

The Apollo Bay YHA Hostel Is Perfect For Families

Some claim that with family, staying at the hostel, it is quite comfortable due to its separate wings that provide them such tranquil ambience. Once, there was a family that is seemingly live in crowd urban life. Staying at the hostel, they admired how perfect the location was because it is hard for them to find such quiet place in the city.

YHA Apollo bay kitchen

The Apollo Bay YHA Hostel is a great place and lay just a block from the nearest beach. With Mariner’s Lookout at distant, you can still enjoy another nature reserve nearby such as the attraction of famous Great Ocean Road which is literally means as a road elongated right to the bank of the ocean. Driving on the road, you can directly see upon seashore through cabin. Meet koala at Kennet River, or try to escape into the romantic forest with stunning waterfall at Great Otway National Park. You can also see the legendary 12 apostles as magnificent rock formation depicted as towering limestones.

YHA Apollo bay view from marinars lookout

Taking a walk or driving is on your preference. Mariner’s Lookout is just perfect place to see downtown from particular altitude. It will also give you incredible overview upon the dynamic of the Apollo Bay and the city hub itself. Come in windy and sunny day for more perfect and an uninterrupted sight. Carrying picnic bag and chill for day long is good too, just for mind relaxation. Avoid weekend where other people come to the same spot for the same purpose.

Talking about cost, the Apollo Bay Eco hostel has reasonable and affordable price to stay. And it is away from home. In Apollo bay, you will be charged as much as $31 for 4 bed dorms, and $85 if you go for double rooms. Meanwhile cost for 4 bed family rooms start from $107.

5 Pascoe Street Apollo Bay

Reaching the location, you can check out information or ask local people as the hostel is located at ‘5 Pascoe Street Apollo Bay’. Just one street back from the Great Ocean Road. There is on-site parking available if you travel with caravan. The hostel is approximately 2.5 hours drive from Melbourne.