It is a fact that almost states in Australia continent has their own beach. Each states are exactly bordered by the beach as natural border, beside with adjacent state in neighborhood. Another interesting fact that in Australia, there is a beach where an annual surfing competition is held by renowned surfing stuff factory. Located at crossing line between Indian and Pacific ocean, Australia has such magnificent water body. Its sea has numerous underwater attraction as well as those plenty of national parks lay on the mainland.

NSW best place for surfers

Discussing about beaches in Australia will probably meet an end. It is totally up to your selection looking for miscellaneous beach as your personality requires. Having strong will to surf, there is numerous beach with savage wave but still proper to ride. In the other hand, require quiet and calm ambience for seeking inspiration as well as quality time of camping, some beaches provide campsite along with bushes and plain realm.

But now, in this passage, we are going to discuss about several beaches Australia posses and many of them record such incredible reputation also said that each beaches has their own uniqueness value. Here we go :

1. Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay

Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay best beach in NSW

Hyams beach became famous after Guinness declared it as beach with whitest sand in the world. If you heard about white sand beaches in other part of the world, you may think twice admitted the fact that what so called as white sands are actually pale brown and close to white. But in Hyams the sand is definitely white in color. Other beach which has almost same reputation is Whitehaven in Queensland. But I strongly encourage you to prefer Hyams for its soft and white color of sand. Hyams is located at Jervis Bay region of south coast NSW, about 180km south of Sydney. It is a great beach for your family as well, beside cafes and coffees are also present nearby while you pacing over and do sand walk, take a little bite from surrounding street vendors.

2. Red Rock Beach, Coffs Harbour

red rock beach coffs harbour best beach in NSW

Red Rock beach is located about 30 minutes drive from Coffs Harbour and is considered to be one of hidden beach in NSW. Locals maybe less recommend about this beach, however, it is the beach you need to try to visit. Beside its tranquil location, waves are friendly despite no one take it as primary location for surfing. Red Rock is just another gem in the Pacific Highway. It is a beautiful sweeping beach with impressive headland. Red Rock came without no reason, due to abundant amount of red colored rocks are deployed along the seashore. And also, its clear water become magnetic attraction, even though in some area, water is not in shallow depth.

3. Palm Beach, Sydney

Palm Beach, Sydney best beach in NSW

At northmost direction from Sydney, there is a beach you possibly favour for incredibly beautiful scenery. It is Palm Beach, which perhaps also widely known as one of Australia’s most beautiful beach. Stretching for about 2 km long with clear water similar as turquoise and aqua, color of water become primary attraction beside its strategic location as well. From the beach, you can see from distant, dwellings on mountainous landscape. An end, there is Barrenjoey Head that can be reached with 1 km walk up to old sandstone lighthouse for stunning view over Broken Bay region. Palm Beach in Sydney is also reported to be one spot offers tranquility compare to its siblings such as Bondi and Manly which tend to be more crowded. In winter, Palm Beach, sailing offshore, huge amount of migrating humpback whale is something else to spot.

4. Greenfield Beach, Jervis Bay

Greenfield Beach, Jervis Bay best beach in NSW

Another pristine beach at Jervis Bay region is Greenfield, which has beautiful powdery sand. It is also family friendly beach with clear water and small wave. Suitable for those with kids. In one spot of the beach, a BBQ side present for group with beach party is on their blood. Approaching Greenfield Beach can be started by walking down the white sand where locals consider to be visitor’s most favourite coastal walk in NSW. Like nomenclature of Greenland, Bay region with its Greenfield tends to perform the beach as blue water combined with white sand as its cover, instead of allocating huge scale of green lawn. It is a family friendly beach due to its possession of shallow water body at wide ranged of area. So, if you are with kids, and should have no worry about walking down the water body off from the separation between water and sand.

5. Green Patch Beach, Jervis Bay

Green Patch Beach, Jervis Bay best beach in NSW

In Jervis Bay, there is specific location that is covered inside the border of Booderee National Park. it is Green Patch beach, where actually has no correlation with anything on green. This beach, is almost as pectacular as Hyams that is in the same neighborhood. The term green remains as name, since it is a white sand beach with stunning panorama and perfect location for open water swimming. Want to set any camp?, then it is also camp-able location where in September, the water is considered to be the clearest phase. Campground is also provided for tourists, and many have done so. Building tent in the bush for real camping experience can be spectacular as well. Walking down the path at the end of way, distant from Green Patch, an amazing Scottish Rocks lay down as magnificent accessories.

6. Main Beach, Byron Bay

Main Beach, Byron Bay best beach in NSW

One legendary spot in NSW is the Main Beach located at Byron Bay. its exact location is at north coast of the state, where is popular for surfing. Due to its reputation as one of five spots usually surfers seek upon during visit Australia, Byron Bay with its Main Beach is also great for just coastal walk. In the evening, after done with open water swimming, a BBQ corner is available. Also don’t forget to try Lighthouse Walk to Australia eastmost point located just minutes from the bay. In the evening too, my suggestion, don’t ever miss the sunset despite it is hidden on the mountainous landscape at one side of the bay. Situated nearly at the bottom of concave shaped coastal, Main Beach has lack of shallow water body. Nevertheless, such condition is actually main advantage for surfer that requires barely shallow water so their board will not crash it. From the shore, in summer, you can enjoy surfing competition usually be held at the peak of the season. Such prestigious competition is held by Billabong and Rip-curl annually.

7. Wategos Beach, Byron Bay

Wategos Beach, Byron Bay best beach in NSW

Exploring Byron Bay at its not-easily-to-find spot, there is Wategos Beach which also beautiful. Topography of the beach gives you advantages since it is covered by headland and make it an awesome beach for riding paddle-board on the gently moving waves. Around the area of the beach, a BBQ corner is available to accompany you while watching and sitting a picturesque panorama. Admiring the beach in other side, a coastal lighthouse walk present at the end of the headland by hours walking.

8. Pebbly Beach

pebbly-beach best beach in NSW

Pebbly Beach is located under supervision of Murramarang National Park on the south coast of NSW. This beach is known as most famous place to see wallabies hopping around the coast. Here you can also play and feed them. Wallabies have accustomed to human interaction due to people visit is frequent. It is you chance to get close and maybe personal touch with them. Moreover, for those with kids, they will love fury animal. It takes about 10 km south of Termeil. Other uniqueness is, it is favourite location to set a tent and go camping with mates. Besides, surfing spots deployed along the coastal.

9. Seal Rocks

Seal Rocks best beach in NSW

Seal Rock coastal area lays on the way you make trip from Sydney to Brisbane. A quiet fishing village where clear bay to open water swimming is its primary offering. Besides, you can do snorkeling, boating, and also fishing. Seal Rock grants its reputation  as fishing spot professional fisher usually stop at. Despite its tranquil atmosphere, in certain season, abundant amount of fishes are ready to catch. It is also perfect place to camp due to its quiet and people hardly visit for vacation. Hike for minutes, see the Lighthouse Keeper Cottage for amazing overview upon the ocean.

10. Bronte Beach, Sydney

Bronte Beach, Sydney best beach in NSW

Bronte Beach in Sydney is combination between leisure and urban plan. Despite both urban area and the coastal is separated in distance, view in Bronte cannot be underestimated. The beach is not stretching as a long line, instead. But it has friendly environment for both adult and child with stone pool in one side and open coastal with fairly big wave in other side. Bronte, despite its small area, offers you several interesting attractions such as BBQ corner and large scale of lawn area. It is, maybe, one of most appropriate beach in Sydney, due to absence of pubs and bars, so drunkenness are not present and may cause harmful conduct.