things to do in melbourne australia

Located in Victoria state, Melbourne is its capital which is surrounded by several National Parks every visitors can go in order to escape into what so called as original wildlife of native Australia. Alpine National Park, Great Otway National Park, and Grampians National Parks are those nested on adjacent location with the state.

what to do in Melbourne

Why Visit Melbourne?

Melbourne is just another original face of Aus that you can spend plenty of time exploring toward such an endless pleasure for both ethnic and urban social life. In Melbourne, streets are easy to navigate. Shopping center became prevalent in some area. Inner suburbs provide you exquisite dining experiences. Also, there are several spots you may be never known before such as Chapel and Fitzroy Street and also Bridge Road.

what to do in Melbourne australia

What to Do in Melbourne

There is a spot named St Kilda Pier at dusk where penguins come and bring smile seems personally for visitors. Penguins are also present in Phillip island, they usually make parade-like march in herd. If you are interested in shopping, locations such as Flinders, Elizabeth, Bourke, and Swanston Street give you little glance of how magnificent stuffs there. Be careful, you cash has limited amount to spend, consider for other expenditure. Try to visit Eureka Tower that offers you stunning view upon the city as highest level of observation at 88 floors or 297 metres above sea level. If you come in the city during Australian Football League, the atmosphere in the city is different. Perhaps resembles as those in European football.

penguins sight things to do in melbourne

Where to Eat in Melbourne

Travelling in a budget, any beer garden will probably satisfy your hunger. Come at late afternoon to see BBQ, similar location may be spread out during summer months. Several beer garden bellows are recommended;

lucky coq place to eat in melbourne
Lucky Coq

Lucky Coq (Chapel Street, Prahran) and Bimbo Deluxe (Fitzroy) offer very cheap pizzas, and favorable among locals.

Don Dons restaurant japanes place to eat in melbourne
Don Don’s Japanese Restaurant

Don Don’s on Swanston Street, near Melbourne Central, offers very affordable and tasty Japanese fare and lightning fast service.

vue de monde place to eat in melbourne
Vue De Monde

For stylish tone of chilling out, I’d recommend Eureka 89 and Vue De Monde, mainly because the it has good view from high above the city.

terra-rosa place to chill in melbourne

For stylish and casual, I’d recommend anywhere on Little Collins Street from Swanston Street, up to Spring Street. Terra-Rosa is a personal favourite of mine along this strip.

Where to Drink in Melbourne

red hummingbird best things to do in melbourne
Red Hummingbird Rooftop CBD

Right in the middle of city, you got Red Hummingbird, The Workshop, Rooftop Bar, Cookie and many others.

the penny black best things to do in melbourne
The Penny Black

For pubs, some travellers recommend their personal preference at along Sydney Road, such as The Penny Black, The Retreat, and Cornish Arms Hotel.

left bank restaurant best things to do in melbourne
Left Bank Restaurant

Walking down the river bank, you will find many other with similar service and casual ambience, primarily along Southbank. Randomly walk along and pick one, they are all great, though if you like cocktails, Left Bank (next to Freshwater Place) has the best espresso martinis.

Best Place for a Sunday Session in Melbourne

Definitely any of the suburban bars and pubs mentioned above, The Penny Black is favourite among locals and visitors. They offer a Sunday roast for those wishing to enjoy a nice, traditional Sunday meal typical of Melbourne dish. You will never been disappointed with the food, drink, or atmosphere there on a Sunday. It’s good all year round, with outdoor heating and protection from the elements in winter. Another location that provide great bars is in Chapel Street. Many of them offer discounted meals for each beverage purchased. Here you can get relaxed during Sunday.

view at chapel street melbourne
Chapel Street

Best Area for a Night on the Town in Melbourne

It depends on what type of personality you are and what kind of bar in your preference. There is much diversity in the city. Bimbo Deluxe is always at top list of preference which has great night and an outdoor garden rooftop as well as beer garden. It has also dancefloor, dining area, and numerous comfortable couches. It is seemingly best selection for younger who love to dance while holding cold beer. If your preference dropped off on hip hop music, then Bond Lounge in the city is place where you supposed to belong. Another place actually spread in many different names with still great options, such as St Kilda, The City, Fitzroy, and many others.

the bimbo's deluxe melbourne best place to visit at night

Where To Stay In Melbourne?

Melbourne is a friendly city for visitor, due to their cancelation of booking charges nothing. Hotels and property for living ranged from low to high budgeting. Renting apartment for long stay, once again is preferable. Check with your partner whether they want to share the cost or maybe possess any relative to stay at. In most cases, you pay for what you stay.

the windsor hotel melbourne best place to stay

Getting Around Melbourne

Melbourne urban plan is designed to be easy to navigate. Public transports will bring you wherever you want. For example, if you are heading toward St Kilda, then tram number 96 will be on your track. Public transport in Melbourne is one of the best system and cheapest in Aus.

trams in melbourne transport

Markets & Shopping in Melbourne

Queen Victoria Markets, despite its reputation it is actually offer not really large scale of diverse products. However, most tourist, go for fruit and handy stuff. It is pobably good for window shopping, but not for purchasing in high quantity. Better to save your money for other essential needs. Rose Street Markets in Fitzroy are known to be The Artist’s Market. It is actually smaller compare to other similar market but offers you such broad ranged of clothing, accessories, and also special need for artworks. One thing particularly important for artists is its nice coffee.

rose street art market in melbourne

Shopping in Melbourne, you need to pay attention upon what you want to purchase. Since stuffs here is vary and cheap, some international tourist may see different for prestige. There are also other markets at St Kilda on a Sunday, as well as the ones at the Arts Centre. Chadstone in the suburbs is worth a visit if you like massive shopping centres. It may be a little tricky to get to via public transport though.

Events & Festivals in Melbourne

experience melbourne cup when visiting melbourne

Visiting Melbourne or any other state in Aus hasn’t complete without spending times for looking upon social gathering such as festivals. There are heaps, the comedy festival usually held in April. It is fantastic stand up comedy festival with live performance. Beside, there is also The Moomba Festival which is usually held during long weekend of labour day in March. It offers carnival experience along the city considered as one of important annual festival. Spring Horse Racing Carnival in early November is an unofficial marking at the beginning of summer. You can visit horse racing at Flemington during a week long. It will also Melbourne Cup that many travellers recommend to see at least once in a lifetime. Another big festival is Grand Prix and Australian Tennis Open, or maybe called as Grandslam.

Favorite Side Trip from Melbourne

daylesford sunday market place to visit in melbourne

Getting bored with urban Melbourne, try to visit Daylesford at the north. It is beautiful town take an hour drive. It is famous for Sunday market where you can find miscellaneous food in vary range. Local farmers and marine products are available there. It is also chocolate mill where you are able to taste typical indigenous chocolate product depicting Australia as entire nation. Anytime in year, Daylesford is considered to be cooler area in Melbourne than any other region.

Best Time of Year to Visit Melbourne

autumn in melbourne best view in melbourne

Visiting Melbourne in its best time means at entire year. But if you looking at legendary view, then coming at the end of autumn and stay until early winter is more preferable. It is actually lack of weather extreme condition that occurs during summer and winter.

Getting from Airport to CBD

skybus as transportation from airport in melbourne

There are only a couple of options for those without a car. Taking sky bus offers regular shuttle service for 24/7 that brings you directly to the Southern Cross Station at the city. For lux preference, hotel drop off and picking up service can be achieved through information counter. A taxi to the city costs around $50-$60, depending on what time of day you’re travelling. Avoiding weekend is strongly advised. But sky bus is best option due to its low cost.

Best Insiders Tip For Travel To Melbourne

where to buy clothes in melbourne

Shopping in Melbourne for clothings, you need to consider about how important purchasing conduct is. However, some factory outlets offer you their best price, which means best at buyer’s standpoint. Bargaining at several shops such as Smith Street and Collingwood is available. Avoid the DFO and Docklands Harbour Town, some said that items in sale tends to be more expensive compare to factory outlets.

You Can’t Visit Melbourne Without …

melbourne city ambassador

Unique thing in Melbourne is the existence of city ambasador usually dress in red outfits. You can ask whatever you want or directing location you want to go. Having local friends, if they have no time to escort you, they will recommend to ask the city ambasadors. But actually Melbourne is an easy to navigate city.

Plan Your Trip to Melbourne

accomodation in melbourne

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 Have a good trip and welcome to visit Melbourne.