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We don’t even know whether Australia can or cannot be categorized as western country or it is just continent with western people inhabited there but actually and technically located in southern part of hemisphere. However, since its location and population is under the rule of western style, then arguably to ease, we include it belongs to western people. By definition, everything occures there is by rule and characteristic of all those what western people ususally conduct.

low budget travel to australia

For example, if we are talking about travelling and leisure or spending holliday in Aus, then you must initially define that cost will be at the same calculation as those British or American or European declared. Based on the definition that Aus is at the same price as other western and modern countries has, then travellers with abundant budget will the only ones who are able to visit.

Actually it is not exactly looks like what you heard that in Aus, everything will be expensively costed. However, there are some spots and attraction for tourism that is considered as low cost or event you are required no cost at all.

Spotting Which Region To Visit

the australia map by regions

Before we explore Aus, you need to know that you will go to the land which has area nearly as big as US country, but in different way of look. People usually misunderstand about Aus until they arrive. There are six regions or states in Aus you would like to see. Preparing to look what happen in every region requires high performance of physical stamina as well as understanding about condition of your wallet. Describing Aus through its huge and gigantic mainland will cost you a lot. Thus, while on budget, considering to travel only in important places will be wise.

If you are rich or in abundant money and have nothing to worry about budgeting, then covering all states in your a week or two journey will be worthy. However, spotting only few places in limited budget and narrow period, this advices may be useful.

considering budget travel to aus

Considering Must-Visited Places

Before you go to Aus, mind first which place you will visit. This is important considering despite in Aus, each place may give you different living cost as well as travelling cost. For better plan, create such a “must-visited” places in Aus and list of most wanted ones, so you can estimate how long your journey will be and how long will you stay in one place before move to another.

If you are, for example, only spend a week for Aus and travel on budget, best focus on three regions. But if you spend a month, with adjusted budget, it may cover all around Aus indeed. Remember, travelling to one part of Aus from one major city to another, may takes time due to its location is truly distanced. Never use terrain vehicle to do it. Please select plane journey to ease and shorten your time.

use plane to travel from one region to another in aus budget travel

Choose The AffordableFlights

Once, Aus has only two prominent airlines, Qantas and Virgin. Those airlines were so high price and makes stereotype of travelling in Aus is so expensive for long time. Today, Aus has open several competitive airlines that you can choose with lower price. Tiger airways is one of cheap airlines that initially it had several issue of arrival and departure. But now, by the time, Tiger has rescaled and maintained their quality so service and passenger issue have been solved. It now is getting better.

Jetstar is also airlines you need to consider for having budget flight. Since it is similar as Tiger which also local airlines, fare is competitive as well. An interesting thing from Jetstar is its discount as they have Friday Frenzy deal where you can book days in advance, you can have approximately $19 cheaper. Flight routes undergone such discount is periodically change and competition in grabbing it is so fast. Be prepared.

australia local airlines with tight budget aus trip

Rex Airline is also just another airlines that will give you discount particularly for backpackers surely with so called as ‘backpacker pass’. This airline flies you in numerous tourism location with lower price than ordinary airline can give, such as Broken Hill, Kangaroo island, King island, and Coober Pady.

If you want travel with airline, there is application in mobile phone called Skyscanner that gives you information and comparison upon several of thousands flight at the same time and locations but different in price. You can check out location you will go, see the price, and for best arrangement, you need to book it directly soon from the agent. There is no extra fee. Skyscanner also give you comparison on hotels and car rents in the same way as it is in flight booking.

skyscanner apps help choosing right flight

Need To Drive ? Consider This

Travelling in Aus also consider about renting a car and drive from region to region for gaining more Aus feeling. But, it is important information, instead of renting car for private use or driving alone, share your driving cost with mate or whoever you find in a way. Sharing cost is important particularly for fuel since its cost is high and may be different from one region to another. Some people said that in Tuesday and Wednesday, cost of fuel is in its lowest price. Full tanked your fuel at the day and better to avoid filling in weekend or public holiday. In Northern Territory, fuel cost $2 per litre which is considered as highest in Aus.

Some supermarkets receipts will give you advantages. If you spend certain amount of expenditure, you can get coupons which will save you around 4-8 cents per litre. This can add up especially if you travel for long and in often period of journey. Fuel saving tips so you can travel quite farther with same expense and your money will not out for useless things;

useful fuel saving tips when travelling to aus

  1. Remove excess weight from your vehicle to increase your fuel economy.
  2. Stay in central locations where you can walk to places and don’t have to rely on your car constantly.
  3. Plan your routes, don’t back track on long drives and avoid congested areas in big cities.
  4. Use air conditioning sparingly in the summer.
  5. Maintain your vehicle, get it serviced and check that your tyres are at the right pressure.
  6. Drive at a steady pace and use the right gears.

Buy Own Car For Longer Stay

Driving your own car may be optional once you decide to stay for long time in Aus. Buy a car and sell it at the end your periodic stay, it will give you such reclaim initial outlay. Consider to buy a camper trailer or caravan for long term stay in Aus especially if you go with family or in average large group. Aus is profound land, and having home in wheel or sleep during journey will give you more economical cost instead of staying at motels. Getting around Aus by bus, according some travellers are highly recommended to be avoided. Some people try to travel from Sydney to Perth and found it was really boring.

travelling by bus in Aus not recommended

Tips on Acquiring Accomodations

Sleeping in Aus is also important thing to consider. Due to its high cost, staying in place during weekday is more preferable instead of weekend. Some travellers said that bed in weekend rise dramatically and could be tripled in weekend. Aus, due to its gigantic area, has numerous National Park where you can visit and stay there for short period of time. Building tent and campfire is also good idea. Some place may give you very low price to stay outdoor with camp or caravan car, or even grant you for free. Usually they provide campsite with basic accommodations like power, toilets, and water. It is popular among low budget travellers. Setting bush or beach tent are also best act to help reduce cost. Price starts from $35 – $60 depends on season and time. Weekday will be different from weekend.

What to Eat? Where to Eat?

Eating in Aus is also something you must think about. Travelling in such large continent, Coles and Woolworths are competing supermarkets with low and affordable price every travellers love. Consider to sum your meal as it done in twice a day rather than three times to save cost. Brunch or early diner will be good idea. Try to avoid cosmopolite area and prefer to buy food in small region. Meals are cheaper in there.

the foods in australia when travelling

Amusements And Parks In Australia

Leisure on budget is core thing you will do in Aus. There are multiple high end amusements but in same time the low cost ones are also available. There is no difference between both of them since Aus has almost equal quality in its all tourist attraction.

In the major cities, we have some beautiful and free public parks in amazing locations to go for a walk or have a picnic. In Sydney don’t miss the Royal Botanic Gardens, The Domain and Hyde Park. In Melbourne don’t miss the Botanical Gardens, Carlton Gardens and Fitzroy Gardens. Perth’s Kings Park is lovely with stunning views over the river to the city. All the major cities will have a nice enough park for you to getaway and enjoy some solitude at no cost.

Perth’s Kings Park in Australia best place to leisure

Aus is famous for its beaches. It has coastline stretches almost 50,000 kilometres and is linked by over 10,000 beaches. Spending the day at the beach is what us locals love best and a cheap way to spend your holiday. Take a day pack with water, food, sunscreen and your towel. Or make use of the free BBQ facilities.

Aus literally has thousands of National Parks and it is much larger than area inhabited by people instead. Whether you just visit for a day or stay over and go camping in National Parks, some of them charge a vehicle entry fee and it may be worth getting a multi-park pass or an annual pass if you’re here long enough.

australia national park with the kangaroos for budget trip

Entry tickets to zoos and wildlife can be a bit pricey. Fortunately if you’re on a road trip there’s a good chance to see wildlife for free in the wild, and naturally it’s the best place to see them. Try to visit places like Pebbly beach on the New South Wales at South Coast where you’ll have kangaroos running wild on the beach. Koalas can be spotted on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and. Wombats and Echidnas can easily be watched in Tasmania and Kangaroo Valley in New South Wales.