Spending 48 Hours In Gold Coast

Gold Coast is just another typical leisure location in Queensland state that is blessed with such elongated beach and beautiful scenery. Among local people, there is nothing special, but for visitors, there are some spots they can actually spend holiday for weeks stay and have self-touring with family or in group of mates in the so called hidden area. Resembles as another region in Aus, Gold Coast offers you different perspective looking at beach panorama as one of its primary tourism attraction. However, several numerous attractions mean to be not only beach but wildlife, urban tourism, and culinary magnetic attraction as well.

48 hours within gold coast

As it said that visiting Aus will not enough to be done in short period of time. Moreover, going to one area for specific reason, could take you at least a week. Gold Coast is one of interesting destination in Aus where people living in humble life but still not forget to enjoy leisure time. Particularly we are going to talk about how spending limited time in Gold Coast once you touch down the region.

How To Spending 48 Hours in Gold Coast

48 hours in gold coast

We breakdown the schedule in 48 hours after touchdown by starting it up with first morning and breakfast. It will be better if you stay in Gold Coast by renting apartment or properties that own private kitchen. Self-cater is best option so you can save your money without spending it for restaurant service. After done with breakfast and look up on coffee, best cafe scenes can be found at Broadbeach, Burleigh Heads, and Coolangatta.

gold coast beach walkaway

Morning Walk Along Beach Line

With elongated beach line, you have plenty time to walk down by the path. Take a 30-minute stroll or bike ride along a section of the Gold Coast Oceanway, a network of pathways along the beaches ranging up for 4 km long. Or follow one of the walking trails through Burleigh Heads National Park. Since Gold Coast is at the eastern part of Aus, sunrise is best panorama you can catch in early morning. You came to Gold Coast beach line for sand and sunshine. Don’t forget to bring your sunblock cream. Swimming in open water is also interesting approaching the dawn.

Numerous locations that are considered as popular family beach is following;

  • Rainbow Bay – Gentle rolling surf, safe swimming conditions, and year round surf patrols make for a relaxing family beach day.
  • Coolangatta / Greenmount Beach – a north facing beach protected by the headland. Generally safe with usually low waves and two surf lifesaving clubs and lifeguard towers, and a playground.
  • Currumbin Creek – popular with families where you can enjoy a range of watersports including surfing, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding.
  • Burleigh Heads – voted #1 by travelers on Trip Advisor and is one of the best swimming, body boarding and surfing spots on the coast.
  • Broadbeach – towards the northern end of the coast. Long, clean stretch of beach and bordered by large grasslands and a big playground.

Afternoon.. Time to Take A Break!

By the noon, right after you finish with morning walk along beach line, having lunch in local club is preferably. There are surf lifesaving clubs spotted around the coast with friendly atmosphere particularly for kids. You can go to Main Beach, Kurrawa at Broadbeach, North Burleigh, Currumbin, Coolangatta, Greenmount, or Rainbow Bay.

exploring gold coast in 48 hours

Having lunch in Currumbin can also interesting since it is home for native Australian Koala where you are able to cuddle with. Being considered as wildlife sanctuary, Currumbin not only provide Koala as its attraction. Feeding Kangaroo and Crocs also become part of attraction in Currumbin. You can also -if getting challenged- take on extreme high rope challenge. Everyday in 4pm and 8pm, if you don’t want to pay any entrance fee, Lorikeet feeding is available on the time.

Another option for lunch is a location named mount Tamborine. A 40 minutes long drive that will give you experience Queensland in its best tropical realm. In the tropical area, you can walk down on the one and half kilometers rainforest skywalk that is considered as Australia’s first and highest rope tree top challenge. Or glow worm caves and thunderbird park. Those mentioned are what your kids may love very much. Meanwhile for big kids like us, gaining information in Winery or distillery sounds to be more interesting. Knowing how and what to be done upon beverages we oftenly drink.

Entertainment and Relaxing In Evening

miami marketta in gold coast night travel

In the evening, getting blended with locals will give you closer to what so called as original of Gold Coast folk performance. Local people held small event named Miami Marketta, it is popular and one of most favorite festival in the street, complete with stages, dance, and also most important thing is street foods. In every weekend, Marketta comes with also wine boutique and craft beer. The atmosphere is totally set in modest as if you are in New York backstreet. For visitors with budget, such event is the best time to acquaintance. Fortunately you see locals with potentials who can be followed up right after your holiday ends.

movie world travel in gold coast

Beside nature attraction, Australia, particularly Gold Coast, provides you with several artificial attractions as well such as theme parks. There are some theme parks in Gold Coast your kids will probably love it. Movie World is one of kids favourites. Here they can watch Looney Tunes characters and many other cartoons figure. Have less interest in cartoon, Hollywood depictions are also available such as Green Lantern and Superman. Action-packed Hollywood stunt driver is also provide as extreme side of kids dimension in different way of presentation. Noisy sound may probably rising up during the show. But we sure that your kids sometimes prefer something unusual despite their state as a kid. And Hollywood movies, although are provided for adult, without no doubt, kids love it too.

dream world theme park gold coast

Gold Coast also possess Dream World that is considered as biggest theme park for all ages. Young kids will love Wiggles World and Madagascar Madness with chance on having meet with their favorite characters. Teens would rather prefer trans-attraction spots that sounds both kid but with tense like adult, such as thrill ride, giant drop, buzz saw, and tower of terror. Besides, here is also available for wildlife encounters like meeting with Koalas, Wombats, and Kangaroos that is driven from their natural habitat but have been domesticated.

seaworld gold coast travel

SeaWorld for marine life lovers is also present in this theme park. Here you can swim with dolphins, get closer to polar bears, seals, and penguins. You can also have close meeting with sharks swimming in such profound aquarium along with different kind of marine creatures. All of them are in save setting. Seaworld is also provide an educational side on how in touch with dolphins that is considered as smart marine mammals. It shows how spectacular they are with above-average mammals intelligents and gentle behave. Also information on their mythical healing ability.

bazaar qt hotels food gold coast

In the evening, after finish with hanging out in theme park, there are buffet dinner in Bazaar Restaurant at QT Hotel in Surfers Paradise. Although foods are not cheap here, you can select small amount of items you only curious about. Bazaar market is a place and event where local farmers show their products in endless quantities. Beside land farmers, most favorite things here is marine products displayed as miscellaneous seafood both grilled and fresh ones. Not only local Australian especially Gold Coast’s street food performance you can find here. Asians are also show up and chefs may offers you their best steamed dumpling. Just for your information that in Bazaar, you can find every food you can imagine but still in average standard with modest look. There is BBQ guy, pizza, and salad bar. Feel free to take it. I don’t be responsible for anything happen with your wallet. I told you previously. But for health issue, I can guarantee.

Having only 48 hours will only scratching Gold Coast on the surface. You, to explore deeper here, are literally require more days or even weeks. But what I mentioned above are few of things you can do within limited time in this small coastal paradise. Something that you need to remember is Gold Coast will never close to anyone with strong will and interest in leisure activity as well as culinary properties. Local cuisines such as marine products become one of most prominent similar stuffs in Aus. However, social attraction like Bazaar and Marketta sounds have more magnetic attractiveness once you get bored by the nature ones. As long as you stay here both with budget or in abundant money, there will always be ways to spend expenditure in many different ways.

travel to gold coast in 48 hours

Besides all I mentioned, in Gold Coast there are more hidden spots you can get them uncovered on the next time holiday. Make sure Australia, especially Gold Coast hasn’t been erased from your journey list. For those don’t see beach as favorable place, escape to the southwest and get yourself lost in little paradise named Lamington National Park or Border Range National Park where you can see more primitive and native wildlife right directly on their natural habitat. Every state may reflects Aus in different picture but you still be able to combine each of them into big shape of definition.