Sydney is reflecting the land of Australia only in half face. In Sydney, you meet with both nature reserve as tourist attraction and modern urban plan which depicting Australia in two different perspectives but still stand in harmony. During visit in Sydney, most travellers go with itinerary like Great Barrier Reef, the Uluru National Park, Great Ocean Road, and Melbourne. However, Sydney is more than those mentioned. And visiting Sydney with only 48 hours itinerary will probably hasn’t enough yet to uncover hidden spots guides probably don’t tell you about.

exploring sydney in 48 hours

But, with only 48 hours you tell to me, here I tell you back how to see street in Sydney within ultra short period of time. Remember, one spot in quick sit and you are advised to go to the next place. We are going to divide our 48 hours as morning into night trip. Here we go;

Touchdown in Sydney Airport

Touching down at the airport, better to purchase Opal Card that can give you access to multiple public transportations such as trains, buses, ferries, and light rail. Anyway, several highlight in Sydney is actually easier to access on foot and many of them offer free entrance.

spend 48 hours in sydney with opal card

Exploring Sydney In 48 Hours – Day 1

First morning. If your accommodation is at the center of the city, it is easier since you can directly go to many places since you are centred in location. Consider to go to Growing Bar & Grill inside the QT Hotel or Alpha Gourmet Cafe at Circular Quay. Best point to start journey is from Circular Quay. It is actually a primer transportation hub connecting the city through numerous different means of public transportation. At Circular Quay, you can also see Australia’s most renowned landmark, the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

visit circular quay sydney

Get yourself wandering around and take your picture with ‘I was here’ gesture in front of such famous and notorious structure while feeling the pulse of the city on sunny day. Circular Quay is perfect place to feel to be more Australia and watching ferries pacing over. It is also possible to get inside and explore the Opera House’ interior with an hour tour. Along the Opera House, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes. So, if you have no time for breakfast and try to visit the Harbor earlier, having quick bite here is possible answer. Other interesting places around Circular Quay is Custom House and Museum of Contemporary Art.

Lunch in the Quay. There are numerous location where you can have casual lunch or the relax one. Consider to having lunch at Botanic Garden is strongly recommended. A cheap lunch option is to grab some takeaway meals and maybe a bottle of wine, and incorporate it into your Botanical Gardens visit. Pick a spot anywhere, or walk to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair for one of the best vantage points in Sydney with distant views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Best time is at sunset.

harbour bridge sunset 48 hours exploring sydney

Other option satisfy your hunger while lunch time is at Cafe Sydney. It has prime position at the rooftop of Custom House with spectacular straight view toward the Harbour Bridge. They offer modern Australian cuisine with local ingredients also typical cocktail. You can enjoy your meal right at the outdoor terrace.

After you finish with lunch time, I suggest you to go walk for better digestion process. Walking down across the bridge is unique experience people usually done at Harbour Bridge. In some occasion, you may see those climbing over Sydney Harbour Bridge. To do so, you need to book periods in advance. Climbing the bridge will be more mesmerizing during sunset. However, cheaper option is truly walk down the bridge across the pedestrian path and see panoramic view at lower level. You can also visit Pylon Lookout for $11 for getting information about the history of the bridge.

rock discovery museum sydney exporation

Going to Rocks District where it is a historical area near Circular Quay and part of Sydney CBD area. Rocks Discovery Museum provides information about the history of location, who lived there, and how it progresses during certain period of time correspond to development of modern Australia reflected from Sydney as part of gigantic entity.

Getting tired of walking around, Rocks District will never let you out without taste every pleasure they got. Some pubs and cafes and hotels offers you light beverages to take away. Listed belows are some of them you can visit for short sit;

australian heritage hotel sydney exploration in 48 hours

Staying at Circular Quay until night comes, Rocks District has several place you can go for diner. One of best locations is at waterfront dining. Of try to grab some at Australian Heritage Hotel which is famous for its Kangaroo, Emu, and Croc pizza. Sounds unusual for newcomer. But it is an unexpected packet if you bring relatives previously never eat it. If you want spend less for meal and prefer beer, then Opera Bar is good choice. Order a cocktail or beer and sit on an uninterrupted view directly stare at the Harbour Bridge. Digging out deeper into your wallet, either Aria, Quay Restaurant, and Cafe Sydney is probably acceptable. Also see at glance on Tetsuya’s for its humble and different kind of meal.

Exploring Sydney In 48 Hours – Day 2

Second morning. Starting this day, we suggest you to get up earlier and have breakfast at your accommodation hotel and directly heading to Bondi beach aftermath. Ignoring the breakfast, at Bondi, you also find some interesting place to have it there. Bondi is Sydney’s most popular beach where Trio Cafe, a cafe that also popular for its breakfast menu, nesting at. It is rated as number one on Yelp and TripAdvisor. Similar spot to grab your breakfast is at Bill’s. It is more friendly and many family travellers spend their morning meal there. Reaching Bondi Beach, catch a bus from Central Station directly to Bondi Junction. Then grab a bus to Bondi Beach stop.

bondi beach exporing australia in 48 hours

One of tourist’s favorite attraction is Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk. it is one of free things to do in Sydney. Walking down by coastal path will give you stunning and gorgeous scenery. It usually take at least 2.5 hours to go. On the way, you will see cliffs, bays, and rock pools while passing Tamara, Bronte, Clovelly and Gordon’s Bay. Ah, Three Blue Ducks present around when you need coffee for walking companion. Thinking about open water swim, then do it. Bronte Baths is good if you bring kiddos with you.

coogee pavilion sydney exploring

Calculating for about 2.5 until 3 hours walk, then you arrive at next meal time nearly at 12 or 1 pm. By definition it is lunch time. Coogee Pavilion is good to stop, assuming you walk straight to the path and not going back. Nevertheless, back to Bondi Beach, stop at Bondi Icebergs for notoriously beautiful panorama while taking your lunch plate. Bistro, according to some travellers has better food than restaurant. And the price as well. This is location where Oprah Winfrey had lunch during her visit to Bondi. Without considering anything about Oprah, then Bondi is still stunning spot.

Another preference for lunch time is around Sydney Harbour with magnificent view toward city skyline, Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and Botanic Garden. Hit the promenade on the beach for an ice cream. You can get it around the picturesque Shelly Beach where the location is near to Wharf Hotel that you can take cold beer too.

shelly beach panoramic view sydney exploring in 48 hours

This is the end of our journey within 48 hours in Sydney. Both fancy or casual diner, you can freely go. Preferring cheap meal, consider about family friendly Chinatown. They have best pies, pasties, and hot dogs. Or Harry’s Cafe de Wheels where pies and peas are also in taste competition with adjacent meal vendors. There is one place to splurge and get special view of stunning Sydney in the evening. Located at 36 levels above average street of the city, Altitude Restaurant, beside serving casual cuisine, also brings you to the elevation of city overview.

harrys cafe de wheels sydney exploring sydney within 48 hours

List Of Accomodations In Sydney

An important thing to remember while visiting Sydney is where to stay. Best locations are still around CBD such as Circular Quay and Rocks District. Some listed bellows are information of accommodation depending on how much money on your account :

Travelling on budget :

Mid-Level accommodation (all these properties are in the CBD or Circular Quay area) :

Luxury stay (all these properties are in the CBD or Circular Quay area) :