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Australia is a large scale of continent with large National Park and high cost on almost every stuff provided. In some places maybe offer cheaper fare for accommodation, but commonly outer visitors say it is expensive spending long time journey in Aus without such well-planned itinerary. While thinking having holiday in Aus should be as equal as what they get and how much they spend it for. Remember, Aus is still western mindset tourism capitalization despite its location is nearly tribal and ethnic.

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Tripping in Aus and thinking you will get cheap price is absolutely obsolete by only looking at their wildlife which is still in abundant number. Sleeping in outdoor perhaps more preferable rather than staying in average hotel although it sounds unusual. Moreover, with family there is nothing called as cheap journey, thus you need to prepare lot of things particularly balance in your account bank. There will always be good price for good service.

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However, those mindsets are truly correct but cannot be taken for granted, since in several area in Aus, expenditure cost still enable to be pressed especially for those travelling on budget. If you are a solo traveller or in small group of mate it is ok to talk about having modest life during backpacking in Aus. But for happy family, vacation is all about mesmerizing things and no one wants to undergone such minimum standard. Things could be different in every family, but here bellows are some tips you may go to trick with such ridiculously high living cost during your journey in Aus :

1. Stay Mid-Week

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It is normal in almost countries to have weekday as escalating price in every life aspects including settlement or homestay. Locals may not be influenced by the price fluctuation, but travellers and outer visitors could be different. They are exactly affected by seeing how much bed in weekday compare to similars in weekend. Visiting Aus in weekday is considered to be more preferable due to office rush hour and people barely note about staying in hotel for vacation. Visiting major city you will see direct impact. In some place staying in motel during weekend, price could be tripled. In weekday visit, you can try to book a cabin in Port Campbell on the Great Ocean Road. Stay for 3 or 4 nights for maximum quality time. We advise you to see different types of accommodation just to compare which one suit you. Caravan parks are good choice too, since you need no room service and all your need is on self-service. Other option is staying in hostel with sharing bed in single room. Multiple bed in one room, you just being charged with bed rent instead of calculating the room. For cheaper cost, hostel with mates in group is perfect selection.

2. Negotiate For Better Deal

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Staying in hostel with group especially those provided for backpacker community is also preferable and more flexible instead of choosing hotel. Small conversation with customer service may help you to get best deal correspond to staying price. Hostel knows better that their niche is also belongs to what so called as tourism competition. One important aspect is serving visitor their best, including shelters. You can ask questions below in attempt to negotiation :

  • Is that the best price you have at the moment?
  • What if we stay longer?
  • Are you able to waive the fee for children? (Many of the campsites in Australia charge per child. We’ve negotiated it off several times)
  • Does breakfast come with that? Are you able to include it?
  • Is there any chance for an upgrade?
  • I did notice XYZ property down the road is advertising $X can you match that? I’d much prefer to stay here, but I have to keep to my budget.

hostels also preferable accomodations in australia

You can also negotiate by giving up upon some of their service such as the room is not clean enough or the shower doesn’t work properly, so they can lower the price.

Travellers had tried such trick and prove they got entire night stay for free at Wilson’s Promontory National Park, because they were mixed up with another booking schedule and the cabin hasn’t been cleaned. At the end, they clean the cabin by themselves in return of lower price. It was not disappointing instead, it was quite clean and pretty.

3. Rent Apartment Or Home

renting apartment as accomodation in australia

Another way to save living cost during stay in Aus is by renting apartment for short period of time. Usually for this case, the landlord offers you at least a month. However, staying less than it will be still charged for a month fare. You can also rent a home staying for a bit longer instead of pay for hotel. At the home, you can have private chamber as well as area better than in hotel room. It is also possible for cooking your own meal with budget estimation for it in your most affordable material selection. The advantage of renting a home or apartment is, you can share with your mate if you travel in group not with family. It is also possible to share bed in condition a bed for two persons. Better than any hotel that requires a bed for a person. Comparison of renting cost can be checked in AirBnB or In AirBnB, they have a growing list of inventory in Aus whether you need an apartment for night or home for a month. Meanwhile, is a site tells you not just about hotels, it has large inventory and database of apartments worldwide.

4. Go Camping

camping alternative accomodations in australia

Some people would think go camping as means of staying in Aus is both insane and good idea. Other may think it is cheap way to save money. Those think that visiting a country should be properly bed and camping is totally bad option. While those who has no problem with outdoor sleep may consider this idea as another way to reduce expenditure. Thinking that setting a tent is cheap perhaps you need to open your eyes bigger, that it actually being charged $35 per night and in several occasion can be risen up to $80. Depends on where and when you camp, how many people stay, and demand of power. For family, it will usually be charged per child but in lower cost. This is something you can negotiate later. Remember, camping is just resembles as another comparison of weekend and weekday period. Avoiding weekend is best wisdom. Also check your calendar whether your period of visiting will belongs to major holiday. Some tips from travellers with similar camping technique said that sometimes you can even negotiate and get deal by eliminating cost for kids under particular ages. For more tips, you can check out following sites;

5. House Sit

house sit accomodations in australia

House sit is less popular than any other staying method. Even house sitting is organized by certain party and have membership, usage for it hasn’t seen in dramatic size of capitalization. Some travellers said it was difficult and a bit frustrating also expensive due to competition in house sitting within border range of major city. Usually those provide house sit services are located in fairly remote area or outskirts. And this will also bad idea to coming at place only for sake of house sit although its flexibility is at good rate. House sit perhaps will only suit for those with very flexible business too. If you are working on digital expertise or retired person with flexible time and has no problem with distant of travelling then house sit is recommended. In opposite, for reaching certain location in quick access, prefer house sitting which many of them are far from leisure location may need to be considered. Nevertheless, there are friends that make it finding house sit location in major area such as Melbourne and Bright due to their relation and enable to stay for only days, say one or two.

6. Couch Surf

couch surf for backpacker accomodations in australia

Couch surf is popular among backpacker or solo travellers that obtained information from the website, where you can stay at strangers’ home by see their reputation as other travellers did it previously at the same spot. It is very helpful and you can get advantage to see friend in distant that you never meet before. Couch surf provides such spare room and more social and kinship relation between you and strangers you stay at. Couchsurfers are usually glad to have conversation for night long and share their experience during late journey conducted. Among travelling lovers, this application is popular and usually they introduce themselves before apply or receiving someone.

7. Buy Camp Trailer

camp trailer alternative accomodations in australia

Camp trailer is another ridiculous option but it works well and can save your money if you will stay for long time in Aus. Having camp trailer is like having a house but more mobile and flexible. You can stay in the trailer while driving to several location. With camp trailer, you just need to park it somewhere that may charge you nothing or lower price than building campsite. However, investing on camp trailer may be a bit expensive initially, but this worth it once you visit and stay in Aus for long period, say it almost a year. Besides, buying camp trailer as high re-sale value once you finish visiting Aus. An interesting fact that buying camp trailer is best way to do if you get it in the south and sell it at the north. Our friends purchase a camp trailer and sell it in Queensland or Western Australia, they get higher payment. It is also important to consider of having private solar panels on the top of camper so you will need no power plug with high cost and an advantage when you travel to National Park.

8. Hotel Booking Sites

hotel booking sites to book accomodations in australia

Booking a room especially in weekend, once again, is strongly not recommended except you book it months in advance. In some major cities, staying in hotel room compared to similar settlement in more modest means, can be much cheaper. You can check websites below to make sure your choice is the best deal.

  1. – thousands of properties, easy to search.
  2. Trip Advisor – millions of reviews, easy to navigate.