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Places To Visit in queensland

Queensland is second largest territory in Aus which capital in Brisbane. It has elongated beaches at the east and numerous romantic places to go. Travelling to Queensland may give you glance sight about face of Aus, considering, here lay National Parks that become main characteristic of Aus entirely. Besides, in Queensland, there are places that you can go for vacation, both provided as urban life and nature attraction. Listed bellows are stunning area you need to visit at least once in a lifetime :

1. Great Barrier Reef

great barrier reef Places To Visit in queensland

The Great Barrier Reef should be strongly listed on your vacation plan. It is an offshore area where coral reefs nested and become home for variously ranged of marine biota. Around the coral, you can also dive with turtle and manta rays at Lady Elliot Island. This is a place where spectacular views are offered in very natural habitat. Port Douglas is also perfect spot to snorkel with low isles coral. An iconic and romantic scenic flight over Heart Reef is available to see during aerial trip if occasion allows.

2. Islands

Withsundays Island Places To Visit in queensland

Out of the mainland, but still in Queensland, islands and small archipelago deployed as perfect way to escape. Withsundays Island is one of the. You can sail to the island by renting small boat and accompanied by professional guide. Also Orpheus Island where home for giant clams with also spectacular underwater panorama. While wandering around, don’t forget to visit Heron Island at the coast of Gladstone. Touching down at separated island, go on 4WD adventure at one of thee largest sand island in the world or get yourself dip in open water swim at Lake McKenzie and Fraser Island.

3. Cuddle A Koala

cuddle a koala Places To Visit in queensland

Koala has become Australia’s mascot for centuries. Derived from native Aboriginal term, it means ‘not drinking’. It is due to Koala eat Eucalyptus foliage as main food, and it contains adequate water component Koala digestion system required. Thus, Koala, beside its unique, it is also cuddle-able small bear. In some states in Aus, you are allowed to hug Koala, and Queensland is one of the that permits you to cuddle with Koala. So, don’t miss the opportunity that even famous celebrities can’t resist such as Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.

4. Dive With Minke Whales

dive with minke whalesPlaces To Visit in queensland

Minke whales can be seen at tropical North Queensland during June and July, for six week between those months. They are seemingly migrate to other water area to avoid season change and transit to Great Barrier Reef. Sail with vessel and meet them for once a lifetime is an unforgettable experience. Minke whales usually played on the way they migrate. Baby whales and their mom periodically emerge on the water surface, rising up the tail, and splash the water.

5. Dig For Dinos

dig for dinasours Places To Visit in queensland

Wondering whether during period of jurassic ages, in Aus exist numerous kind of dinos that probably still enable to be met as remain of the body become fossil. Australian Age of Dinosaur is interesting educational attraction. You can follow trail to Winton, RIchmond, and Hughenden. For huge size of dinosaurs, you can visit Eromanga National History Museum or Boulia Stonehouse Museum that preserve Plesiosaur fossil. It is believed to be one of the most complete assembled Plesiosaurs skeletons.

6. Climbing The Heights

brisbane story bridge Places To Visit in queensland

Brisbane Story Bridge is not only offer the image of beauty staring at the city, but also give chance to climb it. If you are height lovers and seeking out something to climb up, then SkyPoint is the best answer. Located at Gold Coast, it is considered as Australia’s tallest external building visitors are allowed to climb.

7. Experience Indigenous Culture

Cooya Beach aboya cultural festival Places To Visit in queensland

Without no doubt that Queensland was also home for indigenous tribe as they develop arts and gathering methods. Mantled with mud paint and other body accessories, Aboriginal native culture is available to see at Cooya Beach in Tropical North Queensland. There is also Aboriginal Dance Festival in the city. For deeper experience, Daintree rainforest is good to see the Aborigin through their native home. Of course you will be guided by ‘modern’ Aborigin.

8. Dive The Wrecks

ss yongala dive the wreck Places To Visit in queensland

Queensland has numerous incredible dive site considering Australia was part of Pacific war. Thus, shipwrecks lay down because of marine battle. And its ruin transform into underwater living habitat for fishes and corals grow on it. The SS Yongala was sunk and its remain body can be found in Townsville. Other wrecks are also found at Tangalooma and Moreton island. Snorkeling may be explore only on the surface. Fortunately if you are licensed diver, thake deeper dive will give you more stunning atmosphere. You will see both tame fishes and shark in underwater ecosystem.

9. National Parks

Springbrook National ParksPlaces To Visit in queensland

As mentioned that in Australia, you will see not only urban plan as modern human creation, but many National Parks that remain as preserved natural habitat for Australia’s wildlife. National Parks is home for any wild conduct you can imagine. As predation are daily attraction, uncover it by camping and being surrounded by crocs or kangaroos seems to be good idea. Several National Parks you can visit such as Chase Waterfalls, Springbrook National Parks, and Lamington National Parks. If Springbrook is popular as surfer paradise located at Gold Coast, then Lamington has scenic mountainous view.

10. Gold Coast

gold coast Places To Visit in queensland

Gold Coast is just another part of leisure which is an elongated coastal line and has theme park. Sea World is also means of its best attraction. While in Gold Coast, people are usually take themselves into water and has no idea how to come out. It is mesmerizing place to wandering around. With numerous local food vendors, local zoo allows you to meet polar bear at dry climate realm instead of their natural habitat.

11. Sunrise With Wallabies

wallabies Places To Visit in queensland

Having sunrise with Wallabies sounds relaxing for you, since wallabies are type of small kangaroo and they have less aggressive behavior than kangaroo. Visit Causarina Beach or people name it Cape Hillsborough at the Mackay region. Wallabies come to the coast line usually at dusk or dawn. Playing with them, you can also feed and cuddle on the sandy beach. Chilling around with wallabies while waiting sunrise approach is funny attraction.

12. Kayak The Noosa

Kayak the Noosa Places To Visit in queensland

There is natural wonder in Queensland that few people only knows about it and it is also less famous compare to other well known attraction. Noosa Everglades is protected under Noosa biosphere at Great Sandy National Park. It is seemingly hidden place with lush vegetation and pristine water. Also wildlife with abundant birds population. Exploring Noosa, you can go with kayak and flow down the water body while feeling the mystique atmosphere but sometimes it is romantic in some spots.

13. Turtle Hatchlings

Mon Repos Turtle Center Places To Visit in queensland

Mon Repos Turtle Center in Bundaberg is place where you can see turtle hatchlings and meet their baby. Join the wildlife ranges that will guide you to their life cycle of majestic sea turtle. Best time to visit is during period of November to January when sea turtle land up to the shore and deliver their egg. Seeing the hatchlings, back at January to March as the baby starts to rise up from the sand and begin to crawl into the sea.

14. Museum

Cairn Historical Museum Places To Visit in queensland

Beside wildlife, there are also several museums you can visit with your kids. Cairn Historical Museum is one of the. It is located near Botanic Garden, particularly at Atherton Tableland in the Southwest. Or living cultural museum at charming mountain village of Kuranda, which has scenic skyrail and spectacular views over surrounding countryside.

15. Forest

Kuranda rainforest Places To Visit in queensland

Out from Cairn, visit the Kuranda rainforest with skyrail and see over heritage rainforest with direct overview toward Barron and Gorge river. It is home for one of largest tropical rainforest in Queensland inside the border of Barron Gorge National Park. Here, you can learn about native Aboriginal culture while enjoying frequent dance performance.

16. Urban Life

Brisbane Botanic garden Places To Visit in queensland

Getting tired of wandering around nature wonder spreading over National Parks and underwater ecosystem, Queensland’s urban life offers you as magnificent as those provide in outdoors. Brisbane is Australia’s third largest city and capital of Queensland state that offers you abundant relaxing attraction both social and personal leisures. Many visitors love city’s sunny climate and direct view toward the sea. Along the coastline, laying abundant amount of street vendors, cafes, and restaurant. You can choose whether selecting to sit on a budget ones or preferring the costly cuisines. For humble meal and picnic at the same time, Brisbane Botanic garden is best option with mount Coot Tha with over 2000 species of plants. Or meet koala at Lone Pine Sanctuary, which also own numerous different animal. Here you can feed each of them and probably get cuddle with fluffy koala. Biking trail, riverside walking, and lush garden as well as cozy restaurants can be found in South Bank Parklands. After you finish with walking and need something to bring home, Queen Street Mall is friendly atmosphere location. While shopping, kid can explore Queensland Museum or (big kid with arts understanding) Gallery of Modern Art is enjoyable.