Tasmania is smallest state belongs to Australia. Its area has over 40 percent covered in National Parks which means you will be able to see many wildlife during stay in Tasmania. However, urban life has almost similar interesting stuff to go for. Such small island actually has several outstanding landscapes and industries feeding local with sustainable resource of income. Travelling to Tasmania, you will not only see nature wonder in abundant number. Tasting local cuisines and its prime wine products also become their main offering. National Parks in Tasmania, has long ago, stated as world heritage, although it is only few of them.

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Hobart as capital of Tasmania, is a melting pot particularly at area with boundaries. People come and see Hobart for both urban and social life as well as beautiful scenery of natures. Suggestions may appear only to see their nature ones. But if you come deeper, local people tend to be seen as interesting social construction. But beaches are still always what Tasmania offers for comers to sit and relax while waiting for turn to pick another destination.

What To Do In Hobart, Tasmania

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There is small tips for you while thinking about what to do in Hobart. Some said that spending a week vacation is worthy if you have only limited time. But actually, even a month stay, trying to explore Tasmania, it will just scratching on the surface. Hobart Harbour and waterfront is two of many spots you can visit. Despite its small area, Hobart is a walkable city with friendly social atmosphere. Hobart Harbour is historical place surrounded by famous markets. Near Hobart Harbour, Salamanca is also another historical building displayed as sandstone which is converted into restaurants, cafes, bars, and also shops. It is interesting to catch the Saturday Salamanca Markets where many local vendors sell best street food derived from local farm products.

what to do when travelling to tasmania

To Shorten The Overview, Here Some Of Things You Can Do Hobart

  • MONA – it is a museum where old and new arts has been billed as the place that revitalized Hobart, putting it on the must-see destination list of Tasmania. The founder describes the MONA museum as a “subversive adult Disneyland.” It’s an interesting and fun art gallery and we like how visitors become part of the experience as they moving through.
mona hobart travelling in tasmania
MONA – Museum of National Art
  • Historic Hobart Harbour – in January, there will be Sydney to Hobart yacht race and you see how busy the harbour in particular season is. Despite it is small harbour, panorama in early morning is the best time you have to come.
hobart habour travelling in tasmania
Historic Hobart Harbour
  • Salamanca Markets – both local and outsider consider this is best place to grab street food during in Hobart. Salamanca is set in such picturesque place. Plenty of street food vendors sell their best product in an elongated way with miscellaneous type of food. Feel hungry, heavy food is exist. While only need small bite, snacks and multiple selection of beverages are also good option.
Salamanca Markets travelling in tasmania
Salamanca Markets


  • Salamanca Place – Out of the weekend where Salamanca Markets is held, in Salamanca alone, you can wandering around and see numerous interesting place such as restaurants and cafes. Local cuisines are good to try. And pubs here, is a must do.
The Salamanca Place
The Salamanca Place
  • Historical Battery Point – Known as one of Hobart’s more prestigious suburbs, along with Salamanca, it has large number of historic houses. People love to admire prestigious homes and the rose gardens. It also has a nice playground for the kids and local cafes to enjoy.

Historical Battery Point travelling in tasmania

Best Places To Visit In Tasmania

1. Hobart

hobart city travelling in tasmania

As mentioned that Hobart is one of Australia’s oldest city that is walkable and charming. Spending a week in a 19th century urban remaining building, quaint cottages and colonial mansions are spreading around the city. Although it is small, with backdrop of Mount Wellington, hiking down the hill is other prominent conduct in weekday. Due to in weekend, you need to compete in space with other visitors. Old warehouses rising up as city’s heritage. Several locations you can visit in Hobart is Hobart Harbour, Battery Point, Salamanca, and MONA museum.

2. Bruny Island

bruny island travelling in tasmania

It is a beautiful island with towering sea cliffs and deep sea caves. Fur seals, fairy penguin, and abundant bird species in large herd is settling in this island. In some occasion, usually in the alteration of season, whale migration is visible in water body. Visiting Bruny island requires only a day trip from city center. Following the packet of local legend named Rob Pennicott from trip agency Pennicott Wilderness Journey.

3. Freycinet National Park

Freycinet National Park travelling to tasmania

Located in Tasmania island, Freycinet National Park is spectacular place with a peninsular granite mountain, pure white beaches, and eucalyptus forest. Right on the peninsular area, there is famous Wineglass Bay while seeing it through aerial view, shaped as concave as if it is wine glass. Three pink granite peaks in Hazard beach rise dramatically and protecting it from the touch of human.

4. Bicheno

Bicheno travelling in tasmania

Bicheno is small town that is popular for fishing activity. Visiting Bicheno, you will probably meet retirees and other visitor that purposely come for holiday. During sunny weather, this spot is well known as home for fairy penguins. Chilling with penguins while walking down the coastal, end up at the bay.

5. Launceston

Launceston Tasmania travelling in tasmania

Primarily, Launceston has nothing special, but places surrounding seem to offer more spectacular than the core. It is also considered as cheapest city to fly from Australia mainland. Rising up in the morning, take quick breakfast at Fresh Cafe with affordable meal. Then see City Park, James Boags Brewery, and end up at Saturday Harvest Market. To meet the market, you need to initially plan to come at Saturday. Also visit the Gorge as local’s most favourite social hub. Sometimes it is hard to believe that Gorge has beautiful panorama where leisure walking path and hiking trail is provided. Spotting wildlife nearby the location become another option.

6. Brickendon Estate

Brickendon Estate travelling in tasmania

Brickendon Estate is listed among world heritage near Launceston. Its uniqueness is the fact that it is still working farm belongs to rich Australian. The landscape remain is untouched for about 200 years. Smokehouse, ovens and shearing sheds can still be found in blacksmith shop. It was being operated at circa 1930s. To feel more historical atmosphere, you can stay over Brickendon cottages and rustic cabin originally came from the same century. Sitting by an open fire for a night long chill and waking up in early morning for stunning view directly to the paddocks.

7. The Tamar Valley

The Tamar Valley travelling in tasmania

Driving away from Launceston for 10 minutes ride, Tamar Valley, a city primary wine region, spread out as your sight can view. It produces the best wine in Australia. And The Essential Travel magazine mentioned in their page that it is one of top 10 wine routes in the world. Tamar Valley has cool climate that is suitable for grapevine grow. People’s favourite product is at Ninth island and Moores Hill. Near Tamar, there are plenty of local restaurants and cafes where you can stop for diplomatic hunger rest. Many of them also serve best local wine.

8. Liffey Falls

Liffey Falls travelling in tasmania

Liffey Falls, even among local Tasmanian is considered to be the best waterfall with stunning panoramic view. Landscape of beauty can only be equalized to Russel Falls in the south part of island. Local people are strongly recommend you to come to Liffey, due to its status as one of world heritage in Tasmania. Reaching the waterfall, take 40 minutes walk to the forest which is under the area of Liffey Fall State Reserve. It has cool weather of rainforest, featuring myrtle, and leatherwood on the slope of western tier.

9. Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm Cafe, Elizabeth Town

Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm Cafe, Elizabeth Town in tasmania

In Aus, farming become primary highlight and products are widely exported and people worldwide knows much about how the quality of Aus agriculture products are. One of unique product from local Tasmanian is raspberry. It is recommended to visit raspberry farm and local cafe focusing on raspberry dish. The Stone and Timber cafe has its own raspberry plantation. Overlooking lush green lawn, running down to the lake filled with water lilies, the garden side by side by the cafe only in distance. Other place you can enjoy miscellaneous raspberry dessert is at Ashgrove Cheese in Elizabeth Town. in The Cherry Shed in La Trobe, experiencing chocolate combination is worthy to visit. House of Anvers, also in La Trobe is prominent for its Aztec hot chocolate.

10. Binalong Bay

Binalong Bay in tasmania

Binalong Bay is located at the southern end of Fires Bay. It is just another beautiful spot to stop in Tasmania. Walking down the coast line, many spotted coffee shops sounds good to have break during sunny and windy day. Chilling on outdoor couch give you direct view toward Binalong Bay. There is also Binalong Bay Cafe that serves local food came from native farming products.

Staying in Tasmania during holiday, you need to consider about accommodation. There are multiple choices as well as ranged preference for both low cost and lux property. Little advice is, take short period in Tasmania with main accommodation is still in Australian mainland. Nevertheless, staying in Tasmania for specific purpose is also reasonable as long as you book weeks in advance. In Tasmania, they have more than 800 means of property with various price. Cancellation, as usual requires you no charge.