Malaysia is not only Kuala Lumpur. Inspite of its state as capital, there are numerous tourism attraction. Remember, Malaysia has two splitted region, one body is nesting on southeast Asian gulf, while other is seemingly sharing land and border with Indonesia and Brunei in Borneo island.

best places in malaysia

Travelling to Malaysian Kuala Lumpur that located in peninsula, you can visit attraction that correlated with humanity, city, and metropolitan dimension. Besides, there is also small islands that provide highratted underwater panorama. Another region will give you an accomplished pleasure with tropical rainforest in Borneo. Mostly about cultural tourism with its native and traditional lifestyle.

Here I list you 12 destinations in Malaysia;

1. Kota Bharu

kota bharu best places in malaysia

One of province or state in Malaysia named Kota Bharu is an islamic based located in Kelantan state. Sharing border with Thailand, it is one of busy distric in Kelantan that famous for its central market. While travelling for holiday, you will not only see nature reserve but need to be interested in traditional market as well.

Kota Bharu has several traditional market which become its tourism attraction. Some of them located near alley that also present coffee shops. As traditional markets sells something unique not only the vegies and food ingridients, means streetfoods are also displayed as magnificent nightlife spot.

2. Kuching

kuching best places in malaysia

Sharing not only border, but land as well with Brunei and Indonesia, Kuching covering one of largest tropical rainforest in Borneo island. As we know that tropical rainforest hide many mysterious creature both wild and tame. But here in Kuching, you are provided by such wonderful nature reserve and relaxing atmosphere. Good for you who have strong will to try something different than blue ocean or mountainous landscape.

Tropical rainforest in Kuching, still persist one of most traditional and isolated local tribe who live modest life in harmony with nature. Hunting from the forest, planting crop, and seek water from shallow river. Outdoor recreation can also be achieved in this huge tropical rainforest, besides hanging bridge from rope connecting trees will give you experience as if touching the canopy.

In downtown, such landmarks as Fort Margherita and Astana palace become option. However, exploring the rainforest is the main one.

3. Taman Negara

taman negara in pahang best places in malaysia

Owning by at least three states, Terengganu, Kuala Dungun, and Perak, Taman Negara is actually the biggest natural reserve located in Malaysia gulf. Malaysia also possess one in Borneo island, but here, in Taman Negara, is closer to capital Kuala Lumpur if you want reach one as best as those which has similar natural scenery in Borneo.

Covering large area with various biodiversity, Taman Negara become one of popular outdoor destination. It is almost similar with Borneo’s rainforest. Considered as the oldest persisted tropical rainforest in Malaysia, Taman Negara hides spectacular landscape complete with animals, rare species of trees, and also numerous unique fungus which able to glow in the dark.

Most unique thing is its indigenous Malayan tiger which live only in Taman Negara. Despite there are some animals that also live in wildlife way such as Asian elephant, Sumateran rhinos, and other nocturnal ones, owls leopards, and typical water dragon.

4. Langkawi

langkawi island best places in malaysia

Along with Tuba island and Dayang Bunting island, Langkawi is an island that provides you with natural reserve and aquatic landscape panorama. There are several small island surrounding. However, in Langkawi, there is Gunung Raya which become largest in the island, and be part of National Park as well.

Located in Malacca strait, Langkawi island welcome visitors with hotels and cottages for staying during trip. Here you will not be ignored due to its picturesque scenery is carpeted with white sand and shallow blue coast. Without any island adjacent except the cluster, Langkawi is best spot to seek sunset and sunrise. Cause of its archipellago formation, tidal wave in Langkawi’s coastline is fairly friendly.

You may be come here not for surfing, but hang out under coconut tree and sunbathing is primary option.

5. Gunung Mulu National Park

mulu national park best places in malaysia

As it said that Malaysia has region located in Borneo island, thus it has numerous tropical rainforest which are considered as National Park. Gunung Mulu is one of National Parks along with Ulu Temburong and Gunung Buda in adjacently surrounding area. Gunung Mulu is
interesting for its one particular spot that is mean of extraordinary limestone karst formation.

Perching on an approximately 5000 km square area, Gunung Mulu national park share border with Brunei at the north. Its unique karst formation was discovered in 1974 and start to open years after. For its uniqueness, Gunung Mulu and the sharp towering karst formation is appointed to be UNESCO natural heritage. Beside rock formation there is also Serawak cave chamber that is inlcuding one of world’s largest cave system.

6. Melaka

a famosa melaka best places in malaysia

Considering its strategic location, Melaka is impotant town since 18th century where prevalent trading activity was still conducted by shipping goods. Before Singapore, ships will dock in Malaka as optional port. Thus, Malaka become one of state that home for mixed cultural assimilation such as west, oriental, and local Malayan itself.

UNESCO crowned Melaka as one of cultural heritage due to some reasons. It is a small town with British, Dutch, and Portuguese civilization and one of largest before Malaysia declare its independence. Besides, Chinese cultures are influencing the way of life people in Malaka as well. There are some spots marking the evidence that Malaka once melting pot and outstanding trading post.

Churches, forts, and building which was offices for trading firm. Culinary properties in Melaka is also good to explore. Try to eat Satay Celup, Chicken Riceball to experience such collonial blending meal that also present in the past.

7. Ipoh, Perak

kellies catle ipoh best places to visit

Ipoh is capital province of Perak, located right at the bank of Kinta river, it is famous for its collonial and mixed architectural combination between nations. There are British and Portuguese’s styled building, while others oriental and Indian styled. Besides, Ipoh is also renowned for cave temple and Gunung Lang park.

Despite its underrated location and less favorable destination, Ipoh is still considered to become notorious visitor option while travelling to Malaysia. Ipoh, with abundant park and more preferable for local tourists, with its low budget of living cost, still affordable for international visitor who just want find the original taste of Malaysia.

Cultural attraction may be very good for hang out is Ho Yan Hor museum and historical root of Hakka community. You can also see Indian community temples where local Indian have worship session. Ipoh is modest town with less crowded than any other town in Malaysia.

8. Niah National Park, Sarawak

niah national park best places to visit

Located in Serawak state, Niah National Park is home for one of greatest cave complex system. One of best in the world, thus UNESCO appointed it as one of natural heritage. Since then, this neolithic site may stun you with magnificent cave system including karst formation, stalagtite, and stalagmite. Estimated form as long as 20 millions ago, Niah cave was settlement for primordial human particularly those who spreaded along southeast Asia region.

Adjacent to Niah National Park, there are Bukit Tiban National Park and Loagan Bunut National Park. Despite its fairly small scale of area which covered approximately 31 km square, has more famous name than other adjacent National Park.

Unique thing from Niah cave is its location that amongst tropical rainforest, beside its internal structure is plain so people inhabited inside the cave can easily adapted. You can build tent inside the cave, primarily by consent the authorized.

9. Semenggoh Nature Reserve, Sarawak

orang utan Semenggoh Nature Reserve best places in malaysia

Sarawak, as its location is in sharing island with Indonesia, in Borneo, tropical rainforest become main contribution in tourism destination. Semenggoh Nature Reserve is home for indeigenous Orangutan which belongs to their natural habitat. Orangutan is described as large primate almost equal to gorilla but in different shape and color. While gorilla is considered as agresive primate, Orangutan is more tame and almost missinterpreted.

Visiting Semenggoh Nature Reserve you cannot arbitarilly touch Orangutan without permission from caretaker. However, there are other plenty of things to do during trip in Semenggoh forest. Walking down the woods enjoying breathaking and relaxing fresh atmosphere, still Orangutan hanging over the canopy. Feeding them is also conducted by permission, since they are nominated as nearly endangered species. In Semenggoh Nature Reserve, it is rehabilitation center for local Orangutan.

10. Sarawak Cultural Village

Sarawak Cultural Village best places in malaysia

Serawak Cultural Village, despites its name sounds so ethnic, it is located at golden district which covers not only traditional heritage, but exquisite resorts as well. Covering gulf area, Serawak Cultural Village displays numerous local Borneo’s tribal life such as extraordinary house on stilts, straw cottages, and traditional dance as well as clothes.

This is also considered as living museum for traditional lifestyles where local custom still applied as normal live norms. With native people, you can enjoy typical meal and take participate of traditional dance. Of course with their traditional colorful dress.

11. UK Argo Farm, Johor

UK Agro Farm Johor best places in malaysia

Shepherded is main attraction you can find in UK Argo Farm. It is actually land of larce scale of meadow where sheeps are grazing. As its name, the farm is also provide not only outdoor attraction but also culinary session. You can act like herdman standing among sheeps or milking them in occassion. However, eating lamb cuisines are also become wonderful experience.

Seeing large scale of green meadow, there are hotels and homestay if you want visit the ranch earlier. In the morning, time when herds of sheeps are release for grazing, it is the best time to get some relaxation. You can also purchase numerous organic products available in the ranch market. It is truly hidden gem.

12. Tioman Island

tioman island best places in malaysia

Located in Pahang province, Tioman island has approximately 400 people inhabitant and covers nearly 130 km square. It is also clos to border with Indonesia Riau archipellago which provides such spectacular underwater marine panorama. This small island is one of preferable location when you try to find something different with any other kind of tourism attraction in Malaysia mainland.

Although possess small number of remote island, Malaysia with Tioman island seems to be blessed with magnificently magnetic abandon paradise. Shallow water, white sands with clustered stone formation, and also coconut tree, makes Tioman island one of tropical atmosphere every visitor can stay here for fairly periods of day.

Its blue domination is attracting whoever wants do scuba diving or just snorkling with coral reefs along fishes and many marine biota. A speed boat is required to move around unless you’re up for a jungle hike through the interior.