Darwin market near the beach

what to do in Darwin, Australia

Why Visit Darwin Australia

Located in Northern Territory, Darwin is closer to equatorial line than any other Australian region. Thus climate here is almost similar to Indonesia that is right on the equator, which means it is hot to stay in Darwin at any time of season. However, the reason of visiting Darwin, here is home for multicultural vibrant with friendly atmosphere and unique destination.

cultural in darwin

Moreover, sun in Darwin shows how magnificent lining up to equatorial can give you its best sunset and sunrise in warm tone. Several destinations you can visit are Tiwi island, Litchfield, Kakadu National Park, Adelaide river, Arnhem Land, and Katherine Region.

Things to Do in Darwin

kakadu national park things to do in darwin

At any reason, get lost to adjacent Darwin social hub especially in Kakadu National Park is perfect way to rest a while from the crowd of life. In Darwin alone, you can choose whether do bushwalk, exploring suburban markets, or submerged with saltwater crocs. In this modern and tropical realm, anything can be done as long as you have strong will.

Famous Darwin Sunsets

Famous Darwin Sunsets best things to do in darwin

Darwin, as it is located and belongs to nearly tropical region, a trip to calm water and get along tropical breeze is something you must do. Hanging out at the beach, catching sunset at the end of the day is another best option. At the beach, you can select several spot to have beer in late afternoon such as Ski Club, Sailing Club, Trailer Boat Club or Mindel Beach local club.

Eyeball a Giant Croc

Eyeball a Giant Croc adelaide river darwin

Adelaide River, 70km drive from the city centre, is a home for saltwater crocodiles. Watching these 4.5m giants jumping from the water right next to your boat is is different level of wildlife tense. Try to swim in the ‘Cage of Death’ at Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin’s CBD. Or for the faint-hearted, you can meet Sweetheart a 5 metres long and safely stuffed at the Museum and Art Gallery of the NT.

Barra Fishing on the Mary River or Corroboree Billabong

Barra Fishing on the Mary River darwin

Seeking out a metre long silver Barramundi will make every fisherman’s dream come true. In Darwin, charter a boat and go along the shoreline during run-off period is good idea, despite they rise in all year.

Indigenous Art

Didgeridoo Hut ingenious art gallery in darwin

Northern Territory possess such native and indigenous museum where sculpture, weaving, prints, and paintings are both on show and sale. Didgeridoo Hut is one of authentic artwork at gallery in Parap, notorious museum at NT. Or you can walk down by being accompanied by Larraki to see the country from its original and indigenous perspective.

War Relics

War Relics things to do in darin

Nearly 70 years ago Darwin was assaulted by Japanese bombing. Instead of sunken, Darwin rose up becoming one of major city in NT after the end of Pacific War Campaign. The ruin and relics of war can be seen at East Point Military Museum. There is also Oil Storage tunnel which ensure the supply of fuel during war period.

Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National Park place to visit in darwin

Litchfield National Park, along with Djukbinj and Kakadu is just adjacent National Park you can visit around Darwin with hours journey. While Litchfield is famous for its crystal-clear waterfall and swimming hole.

Where to Eat in Darwin

things to eat in darwin

Its close location with Indonesia and almost few Asian countries, it is no surprise that Darwinian cuisines are also strongly influenced by. There are fantastic restaurants are all over Darwin’s waterfront at Stokes Hill Wharf and Cullen Bay, such as belows;

The Cool Spot Café

the cool spot cafe in darwin

It is local cafe that serve you almost Asian cuisine or at least those cooked with Asian herbs. Other dish is just originally locals’.


Moorish cafe darwin best place to eat

Moorish give you chance to taste different kind of Aus cuisine that still influenced by other Asian realm such as Moroccan dishes, Spanish and Mediteranean typical tapas.

SkyCity Darwin Casino

SkyCity Darwin Casino

It may not be Vegas but Darwin caters to the risk taker. Try the Sandbar for a pre-dinner cocktail, ‘il Piatto’ for Italian fare, or Evoo for a fully-fledged degustation menu.

Hanuman Restaurant

Hanuman Restaurant Darwin best things to do in Darwin

Hanuman serve mix of Indian, Thai and other Asian with strong taste of herb that will make you more relax. A craftsmanship wooden table displayed as primary chilling ambience. However, something you don’t ever miss is its Trumpet Mushrooms dish

Char Restaurant

Char Restaurant Darwin Best things to do in Darwin

Char is set on a historical Admiralty House that is famous for steak and seafood. Surrounded by so called under-tree lounge garden, it is local’s favorite usually in weekend. Inside the restaurant, bartender mix you up with tropical cocktail typical of Balinese ones.

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth Darwin best place to eat in Darwin

Maybe this is different way to taste Greek cuisine at non-Greek land. Owned and operated by Greek patisseries at suburb of Millner, baked products are outstanding. It is more like Baklava and also many miscellaneous culinary properties. And also be considered as one of largest Greek communities in Aus.

Where to Stay in Darwin


Backpacker hostels are profoundly lay in large quantity. Mainly they can be seen at Mitchell Street.

budget accomodation in Darwin


There is Darwin Free Spirit Resort which take 15 minutes ride outside the city. Here is also lay parking lot where travellers with caravan stops.

Darwin Free Spirit Resort Best place to stay

High End

Hilton Darwin is excellent location for those come with money. Just walk by downtown at Darwin Harbour Area. Here is also available for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Hilton Darwin best place to stay

Darwin Markets

Darwin is home for multicultural mix and has vibrant tone as seen one of them as open air markets. Every Thursday to Sunday, Mindil Beach Markets is held during periods of March to November. Here you can select different kind of food comes from such a broad range. Come in late afternoon, you may get cold beer and several dishes while staring at stunning sunset.

Darwin market near the beach

Festivals & Events in Darwin

Darwin Festival

Darwin Festival takes place on August annually providing local culinary properties and numerous outdoor theatre. Besides, folk dance and music, also film workshops are also become part of the festival. It is more like cultural understanding instead of folk festival.

Darwin festivals

Tiwi Islands Art Sale and Footy Grand Final

Tiwi islands perhaps a place outside Europe that has strong culture in football. Locals say that it is stronger than any religion particularly during grand final season. March is best time to see this festival with its craze crowd yelling up as spectator. This is also the one day of the year that the art centres hold a sale of their works, and travel to the islands can be done without the usual permit restrictions.

Tiwi Islands Art Sale and Footy Grand Final

Darwin Cup Carnival

It is actually premier horse racing calendar in Darwin where ladies show up their finery and glass of bubbly while approximately thousands of people rail at dirt track on Fannie Bay Racecourse track.

Fannie Bay Racecourse darwin carnival

Getting Around Darwin

Public Transport

Busses become prevalent public transport in Darwin that operates seven days a week, making it easier to get around Darwin at any point you want reach. Urban area is easier to approach, while suburb, if you have no idea what to do, asking the driver or check out the schedule and routes is best conduct. Try to look at NT public transport tack once you want go somewhere.

transportation in darwin


Cycling is also another option hang out around Darwin, since it cost more economic, you can go wherever you want without rely on any public transport schedule. Parks and urban area is perfect spot to uncover.

cycling in darwin

Best Time of Year to Visit Darwin

Peak season of visitors are at the end of dry season, it is from May to September. In this period, plenty of festivals are held with predictable climate is at 32 degree Celsius. Consider that it is opposite of western countries in northern hemisphere that summer normally occurs during July to November.

best time to visit darwin

Best Insiders Tip for Darwin

Darwin is famous for its warm and tropical climate. its  outdoors adventure activities could be one of the best in Aus. But if you just want to relax and feel the original characteristic of Darwin, these highlighted places may amuse you:

The Darwin Rock Sitters Club

The Darwin Rock Sitters Club

It is nothing to do with rock or stony something. It is actually a chilling club and one of social activity that has last for long time. Initially established in 1974, every Saturday at East Point Reserve Darwin from 6pm, The Darwin Rock Sitters Club conduct the city’s old tradition of spinning a few yarns and having a few beers.

Dinah Beach Yacht Club and Viking Funeral

Dinah Beach Yacht Club and viking funeral

Despite not all of them came from anywhere in Scandinavian land, this is another social attraction that is purposely commemorate fallen sailors as if they were Viking heroes that passed away during period of Pacific War. The event usually held every July annually that is coincides with the rising moon over Frances Bay.

Darwin’s Ice Hockey Club

Darwin’s Ice Hockey Club

Ice Hockey in nearly tropical realm sounds ridiculous. But this is truly exist that the club often conduct training session with their member. Never being stricken by winter, Darwin’s Ice Hockey Club, this club sent their best men to compete in winter olympic for title.

Plan Your Trip in Darwin

darwin travel plan and guide

Travelling in Darwin is like doing the same thing in other part of Aus. Considering that Darwin is close to tropical realm with fairly warm weather, it requires only limited preparation. But if you decide to move to another Aus realm, to the west or south which has dramatic weather change, getting information in Darwin is best for preliminary foresee. Accommodation and fare may be different between one and another region. Book hotel or ticket days or even months in advance is advised.