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Visiting Indonesia, one of largest archipellago coutries, may take weeks even months due to its abundant location you can find tourism destination. Choosing both nature and cultural, Indonesia is more famous for its Bali island. However, plenty of hidden location still need to be unsheathed.

Also well known for its affordable cost of travelling, in Indonesia you don’t need to worry about being lost in remote area. Here, people are truly friendly and have willing to help lost travelers, as it frequently happened.

Some listed bellows may be ever on your mind and some others are new. Here 12 destinations when need to uncover when visit Indonesia;

1. Borobudur

borobudur best places in indonesia

Situated in Magelang regency, Central Java, Borobudur temple is one of greatest Buddhist temple in the world and nominated as UNESCO World Heritage site. Once it was burried and forgotten for almost centuriest due to volcanic eruption, before being excavated in 1800s.
Visit at sunrise for a torch-light climb up the temple and for the breathtaking experience of watching as the complex is bathed in sunlight. If you are lucky, climbing it for sunrise is an unforgetable experience.

Other attraction may be obtained during Buddhist festival which usually held as fullday event, from morning to evening. Here you can see, in the evening, thousands of lantern are flown as if it is fireflies, symbolize of hope in and the beginning of new period according to Buddhist calendar.

2. Orangutans of Borneo in Tanjung Puting National Park

orangutan best places in indonesia

As one of largest island in Indonesia, Borneo hide a mysterious creature that was considered as monster. Hanging up on the branch of the trees, Orangutans are indigenous animal living in forest inside Borneo. Locally they are settle in Tanjung Puting National Park. Orangutans are actually primate which has almost as large as gorilla, but in different look. If gorillas are usually grey or black, Orangutans are mostly seen in browny-red colored fur.

Nominated as endangered indigenous primate, few people know that it is harmful touching Orangutan. However, some of them are exhibited in limited number and period. Entering the National Park, Orangutans are pacing over freely. Visitors can only take photograph and may not touch without any consent. Orangutan is derived from local term, Orang means human, and utan means forest. Simply based on their physical appearence that people in the past considered they are semi-human creature.

3. Gili Islands

gili best places in indonesia

As an archipellago country, Indonesia has numerous small islands which has spectacular underwater attraction. Some of them can be found near the city center while the rest should be taken with average long journey. One of the best spot to have underwater aquatic panorama is in Gili island.

Located in West Nusatenggara province, Gili islands are a small cluster of islands called Gili. There are Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. Those are small island with outsanding underwater panorama. One of best coral reef ecosystem in Indonesia. You can choose one of them to explore what’s on in the water. Renting scuba diving or just snorkling is enough if only one spot. While another, you may take at least a week holiday.

4. Komodo National Park

komodo national park best places in indonesia

With rapid heartbeat and venomous saliva, Komodo run for their prey as if heat seeker missile. They don’t need to bite the prey like lions do. Small bite will paralyze since venom-like bacteria colaborate with this tremendous gigantic dragon. Their prey can escape, but it is their last attempt.

Also considered as the only in the world, Komodo is just another indigenous reptile only alive in Komodo island. Isolated for couples of centuries made them arise as silent but deadly reptile hunter. Complete with thick squama skin, Komodos are barely needs competitors.
Visiting Komodo island and Komodo National Park that is nominated as UNESCO world heritage, be carefull and always be protected by guide. You cannot touch them as you want due to their sensitive instinct to bloodlust odor.

5. Tana Toraja

tana toraja best places in indonesia

Visiting Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi province will throw you back in time when megalitic people live in harmony with nature. There, you still be able to see traditional dwelling which persist as since it was initially built.

Tana Toraja is one of ethnic region with strong cultural value which still be embraced until today. An old architectural style called Tongkonan house is widely exist and spreading not only in traditional village but in metropolitan city as well. It is the mark of local tradition.

Others, sacrificial offerings you may find once you are lucky belonging to cultural event. As traditional people still conduct burrial in very original form, such event is also become tourism attraction. Also visit the burial site of Torajan people which displayed in gigantic karst cliff. Technically the dead body is inserted in the small hole on the edge of the cliff.

6. Lake Toba

lake toba best places in indonesia

Lake Toba is ordinary lake in ordinary region and inhabited by ordinary and modest tribe, one of biggest cultural tribe in Indonesia called Batak tribe. They are known for unique identity of surename that has been inherited for generations. There is nothing special with Toba Lake except the fact that the lake is perching on mega-caldera or ex super-volcano. While Samosir island in the middle of Lake Toba is actually and techically a frozen magma that has occured for centuries ago.

Covering approximately 1.100 km square, Lake Toba has spectacular attraction such as swimming, water skiing, fishing, and canoing. Besides, in an occasion, there is event similar as Tour de Franc which is called as Tour de Samosir. Offering natural panorama with green hill and ups-downs track, cycling aroung Lake Toba become primary choice for relaxing and breathaking holiday. It is tranquil and windy.

7. Mount Krakatau

Mount-Anak-Krakatau best places in indonesia

Mount Krakatau is a humble name for which is actually a ‘son of volcano’. Creating mega eruption in 18th century, Krakatau was able to force Java island and Sumatera island to separate. Its profound effect hasn’t taken a rest today. The volcano is still active and sometimes erupt hot cloud, also squirting red magma.

Visiting Krakatau is beautiful in afternoon almost evening due to its magma eruption is redness and show how powerfull its strenght is. However, having trip with boat still acceptable in distance. Just proper way to enjoy the living volcano. Since its state as active volcano, sailing to take moment of lava squirt may be need to be approved by local officers.

It seems dangerous but here you will find extraordinary experience with watching magma eruption although in small and safe scale.

8. Pura Tanah Lot

Pura-Tanah-Lot best places in indonesia

Tanah Lot is Bali’s most popular temple which is built on the rock formation nearly at the bank of the sea. There is a path separate the rock formation where the temple stands and the beach where people usually walk by, and is influenced by tidal wave. If the wave is high, the path is covered and none can walk to the temple. When it is down, people is allowed to move to the temple.

However, due to its sacred temple, only limited people can reach it. The temple is still be used for worship and pray. If you are lucky, in an occasion, when there is a worshipping event, visitor can take participate. Not as pilgrim but just receive small blessing from monks.

For the sake of general blessing, Hinduism monks are very welcome to visitor. A pinch of wet rice will be put on your forehead after splashed by blessed wet thatch. It is a cultural attraction that blends coreligionists with visitors without see where and what background they’re come from.

9. Wakatobi Islands

wakatobi island best places in indonesia

Wakatobi stands for Wangi Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomea, and Binongko, a group of islands in southeast Sulawesi that elongated from north to the south. Wakatobi is located at the center of all four islands where actually each island provides spectacular underwater panorama. Since Indonesia is archipellago country, then every islands are also home for marine biota.

As it usually present at underwater ecosystem, coral reefs and fishses are exist in magnificent entity in order to pleasure and say welcome to visitors. There are numerous spots in each underwater even you are randomly select where you want dive.
Beside diving, sailing or just canoeing is quite fair, getting yourself relax in tropica blue region. Cottages are also ready if two or three days trip hasn’t make you enough to explore. More days is fine. Typical tropical dessert and meal are also good choice considering their marine product is in abundant amount.

10. Raja Ampat Islands

raja-ampat best places in indonesia

Raja Ampat is a cluster islands located in westmost of bird’s head of Papua main island. Not many people know hot to reach it, since eastern part of Indonesia is less popular for tourism visit. However, for those who like to explore unusual things, traveling in Raja Ampat could be best option. Reaching Raja Ampat, you can initially go to main island of Papua.

Entering Papua main island from Sorong, you can directly go to Sorong harbour and take boat trip to Waigo island. Wasai distric as capital regency of Raja Ampat takes place at the island. Boat trip from Sorong to Waigo island may take approximately 2-3 hours, depend on the tide. After docking, you can go freely to find homestay and take a rest before enjoying underwater panorama in the next day.

The panorama of underwater coral reefs ecosystem is an equal payment for such long journey to Raja Ampat. It is may be less popular than Lombok or Bali or Wakatobi. But it stand at the same level as Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

11. Karimunjawa Islands

karimunjawa best places in indonesia

Famous for its tropical weather, sunny sky, white sand, and beautiful underwater aquamarine ecosystem, Karimunjawa islands are actually a national park located at remote area at the north of Java island. Acessed by boat trip from Kartini beach at Jepara regency, take at least 3 hours journey by normal tidal wave.

The most accentuated attractions beside underwater panorama are shark feeding and sea tortoise breeding ground. Covering almost 72 km square mainland, Karimunjawa island is inhabited by 9000 people. This is quite island with modest people and means of transportation. You can easily rent a bike to hang around the island exactly circling in only one day. The rest days, spend for exploring the underwater offers by the mother nature.

In Karimunjawa, you don’t come for surfing wave. You come for fishes and corals. Cottage and housing is in cheap price, with meal and renting cost still in very affordable price as well.

12. Baliem Valley

Baliem-Valley best places in indonesia

Pointing sharp bone arrows and releasing right to the enemy’s chest, straightly killing them who try to hide under tree bark mantle. Receiving an unacceptable death, tribes member seek for revenge. People dead one by one. The war will not be stoped until two disputed side take the same number of victims.

Sounds crazy in modern era, but it is part of War Dance Festival performance that become annual event in Baliem valley. Located in one of most remoted part of Papua province, Baliem valley is under the rule of Sekan village, at Siepkosi regency. Due to its remote area, people live here with still very traditional way. Tools and dwellings are made of whatever they can find in nature or in forest. Foods, they gather it by hunting wild boar and plant crops in yard. Dressing with minimalist cloth, Dani, a tribe with largest member, tries to open your eyes that there is traditional life which still persist until nowaday.

Reaching Baliem valley, you can take plane and landing on a small airport nearby. Have a trip with car is the most possible means of transportation. While selecting walking down the path and through the mountainous topography, as Dani tribe does, may take at least a week until you touch down in Baliem valley.