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Sharing border along China republic, Laos, and Cambodia, blessing in extremely panoramic veiw right at the bank of Southern China Sea, and become witness of dramatically important occurence of wars, Vietnam rises as new developing star in South East Asia.

saigon best places in vietnam

With elongated-shapped country and mountanous topography, several region in Vietnam show how creation put its few masterpieces in the land of small empire. The Nguyen dynasty was one of many exist in the land with abundant paddyfield stock and has nothing to worry about supply.

Listed bellows are some of Vietnam’s tourism attraction you can visit during trip in Vietnam. Most of you are familiar with Ha Long bay, however, there are more than only Ha Long bay if you stay longer.

Here we go, 12 places in Vietnam that you must go and visit:

1. Sapa

Sapa best places in vietnam

There is a region in Vietnam that actually famous of its paddy terrace. It is called Sapa. Heading to Sapa that part of Lao Cai province in northwest of Vietnam takes 9 hours trip by train directlynfrom the capital Hanoi. It is a small town in near the closest border to China. Approximately inhabited by 8000 people and covered area of 24 km square.

Guessing what is possibly hiding in the distance, but all of a sudden, as if a breathing, living creature, the fog rolls behind the mountains in a matter of minutes, taking me onto the beauty of the scenery. Paddy terrace is identically associated with rural life where travelers can obtain through hiking on the hillside, and Sapa’s paddy terrace is literaly carving the edge of the mountains.

2. Halong Bay

Halong Bay best places in vietnam

Called by locals as Thanh pho Ha Long, is a coastline at the east of capital Hanoi which spreading as gulf with approximately 1500 km square. Its coastline alone, has 120 km in length and located near the boarder of Tonkin gulf, adjacent to China. From the Capital of Hanoi, it takes 170 km in distance.

Halong bay is hiden concave gulf with some towering small island arround the waters, make it have friendly wave and perfect spot for free swimming. Besides, docking cruises are prevalent view along the bay. Made up by karst cliff, Halong bay offers such spectacular view with its huge rocky cliff, resembles those present in Chinese bay complete with its typical oriental built boat with unique sail.

3. Ho Chi Minh / Saigon

ho chi minh city best places in vietnam

Named after Vietnamese national hero, Ho Chi Minh, it is the capital and largest city in Vietnam. Located in delta Mekong river, Ho Chi Minh was called as Prey Nokor and became Cambodia’s primary harbour until the 16th century, right before it is taken over by Vietnamese. Covered within 2000 km square and approximately 8 million inhabitant, Ho Chi Minh provides spectacular tourist attraction for travelers with low budget options. May be one of lowest destinations in southeast Asia.

Amazing food, fast internet, low prices and high standards set Saigon up as a great travel or digital nomad destination. Around town there is plenty to keep visitors busy, French era architecture including Vietnam‘s own Notre Dame Cathedral, the War Remnants Museum and markets, Ben Thanh Market, in District 1 being the major tourist draw.

The best things to do are the trips and tours visitors can take from the city. The Cu Chi tunnels are nearby and offer a real insight into what went on in the American War. If you only do one tour in Vietnam, this one would be my pick.

4. Cat Ba Island

cat ba island best places in vietnam

Dao Cat Ba, or Cat Ba island is an average large island in southeast of Hai Phong province, or you can directly sail from Ha Long bay to the southwest. It is a normal island except the
experiencing of after-war evidences. Here travelers can see the proof of Vietnam war through ruins spreading in the island. With hospital, bunker, and forest that Viet Cong guerrila used to play hide and seek with their enemy.

Others, are normal island with normal people living by relying on marine product and fishing. Most of the population lives in Cat Ba Town. A large part of the island is covered by jungle and about half of it is a National Park. A stark reminder of Vietnam’s violent past can be found at Hospital Cave. This secret bomb-proof hospital from the Vietnam war is now a popular tourist attraction. As is the more recently built Cannon Fort. The old bunkers are impressive, but the main reason to visit is the amazing view of the bay.

5. Can Tho

can tho best places in vietnam

Can Tho is a region where more renowned as its floating market in Cai Rang. As a nation in delta Mekong river and rely their life from agriculture and aquaculture, and utilize river kind of transportation, floating market with boats are perfect scenery once you dip yourself in Can Tho. Experiencing traditional atmosphere by jumping of from one to another boat to find comodity you seek. Locals trade their crops on the river brought from their land.

Anyting that may be different from the ordinary comodities sold could by jaw dropping from some of you. Such unusual food ingridients like frogs, snakes, and others may be traded from the boat. And its purchased. Those comodities are derived from nearby village who knows what’s in the market demand. While other normal crops like coconuts and pineaples are also widely visible.

6. Son Doong Cave

Son Doong Cave best places in vietnam

Son Doong cave is a spectacular natural destination located in Phong Nha-Ke national park, at Quang Binh province. It has approximately 30.000 feet in depth according to British explorer’s survey.

Son Doong is the most amazing place and definitely tops Vietnam’s most beautiful places.  The cave is the world’s largest and smack in the middle. Your trip to Son Doong will take you through rivers and jungles before you descend with expert guides to the pitch black below.  On your multi-day journey through the cave where the ceiling
collapsed millions of years ago allowing jungle to grow inside the cave. These sections often have cloud formations too meaning you might get rained on inside a cave.

7. Hue

hue best places in vietnam

Hue is a small town in eastern Vietnam that was became capital of Nguyen dynasty in 18th century. It is close to Da Nang which also become important city in Vietnam. In 2005, it has approximately 340.000 people inhabitant.

Influenced by Chinese culture, mixed with local Vietnamese ones, Hue offers spectacular view of ancient buildings that show up such indescribed glory in the past. Although it looked under-developed at first glance, as the royal capital between 1802 to 1945, they were the last ruling family in Vietnam. The most prominent relic from this time is the citadel in the city center, which is dubbed as the smaller version of the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Although many parts of it were destroyed during the Vietnam War, it is still a sight to behold. But the real gems are the tombs of the Nguyen emperors that surrounded the city. While there might be dozens of them, the most famous ones are Minh Mang tomb, the second emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty. Dong Khanh tomb, with a mix of western and Chinese influence.

8. Bac Ha Sunday Market

bac ha best places in vietnam

Bac Ha village is located in Lao Cai province, in the northern Vietnam, and  becoming one of the highlights for travelers who have willing in visiting traditional markets. The proximity to popular mountain range in Vietnam makes it an accessible and unique place.

With approximately 50.000 people inhabitant, Bac Ha is famous for its Sunday market where local people dress in traditionally colorful cloth and wearing their best ornaments, pacing over the path in market and seek what they wanto to purchase. Goods sold are local products like cloths and food ingridients. Unique things are, people who are prevalently visible along the market is women, and we see less men there which mean shopping is an attitude that still be done by mothers.

The Bac Ha market focuses on local fabrics, accessories, agricultural tools, cattle. That said, you’ll find here only one small alley selling souvenirs.

9. Mai Chau

mai chau best places in vietnam

It is a district that popular among backpacker travelers who seek cheapest price for travelling budget. Mai Chau is technically a village with humble atmostphere and provides you with beautiful view. Besides, there are some natural spot as tourist attraction everyone can easily find arround Mai Chau which located in Hoa Binh province.

As a village, norma panorama such as mountains and green fields spreading from the horizon as long as you throw a sight. Furthermore, there are homestay you can get with cheap price without ignoring primary object of natural and rural pleasure. Like other village in southeast Asia, in Mai Chau, hanging arround can be done with renting bicycle as popular transportation. Contrast to what general arguments said that motorbike is the popular ones.

One important thing about Mai Chau is its location that right in the bank of Black river which provides it with abundant water supply. Thus, such large scale of paddy field is spreading along the street and become primary view during your trip with bicycle hang out in the village.

10. Ha Giang

ha giang best places in vietnam

Famous for its mountainous landscape, Ha Giang become one of most spectaculars spot for motorbike travelling for those who love outdoor chalenges. Located at the border adjacent to China republic at northen Vietnam, it is crowned as geopark site and listed in UNESCO natural heritage. The landscape, as it usually exist in tropical countries, full of green view of paddy fields, bamboo, and pines which carpetting from the length of horizon.

Karstic plateu and windy weather makes it good for relaxing and short term escape for you who want to quit for a while from the crowd of busy city. It is also right place to find inspiration since the rural area has tranquil atmosphere and modest life. While staying here is quite cheap in price, take long term holiday may be an option.

Don’t miss going to the Lung Cu flag tower, also known as the North Pole of Vietnam, which has excellent views across China. You will need a permit from the Ha Giang Immigration Office to explore the area, which you can easily get on the day. One of the scenic places to visit in Vietnam by a long shot!

11. Hoi An

hoi an best places in vietnam

Hoi An may be one of several cities in the world that is influenced by other nation’s culture. In this case, Hoi An in Vietnam is influenced by Japanese. Thus abundant colors of the country then being blended with Japanese styles in some aspects. However, since Vietnam’s culture alone is Indochine which is also a mix between Chinese strong culture and local Vietnamese, Japanese atmosphere give additional value on small part of the city.

A good idea when in Hoi An is to get the tourist tickets, which provide good savings and allow access to a number of attractions, including the Japanese Covered Bridge, built in the 1590s by the Japanese community that lived and traded there. Located at the bank of southern China sea, Hoi An is part of Quang Nam province. Its location is also near the river so floating boats are prevalent view and magnificent landscape.

Hoi An is famous for the many tailor shops that are scattered across the city centre, and where it is possible to get tailored made suits and dresses for a very good price. An Bang beach is the most popular one with tourists, and there are several beach restaurants. Beaches and rice fields can be reached on an easy bike ride from the city centre.

12. Hanoi

hanoi best places in vietnam

Inhabited by approximately 3 million people, Ha Noi is one of most populous city in Vietnam, besides it also the capital of the country. The city was the capital of north Vietnam until 1945, or during Vietnam war, post collonial building with locally traditional architecture still persist and become part of combination with the new and old Vietnam.

Perching right at the bank of Red river, Ha Noi as a capital offers traveler such glimpse sight upon how traditional and modest life Vietnam’s people undergo. Streetfood become one of most popular magnetism spot while staying in Ha Noi. But remember, Ha Noi, as representative of Vietnam as entire nation, here you can find extremely odd food such as insects and other unusual kind which are unable to find in other city except Ha Noi.

Renting motorbike will be the best choice exploring Ha Noi, since it is most popular means of transportation you can use to breach the endless non-stop chaotic and crazy traffic. Spending day in Ha Noi visiting Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum is worty. While in the evening, streetfood as it mentioned, become primary option. Typical traditional Vietnamese noodle called Pho is also served in average cheap price, try it to fid your stomach until next mealtime.