where the best places in turkey

Clamped by Black sea and Mediteranean sea, and become trans Eurasia country, Turkey has numerous tourist destination beside Istanbul and Topkapi palace that has been well known for long time. However, there are some others place you may haven’t heard it previously. Those places are containing historical value since Turkish are one of culture that emerge since the ancient time, along with Roman and Persian.

turkey best places to visit

Hidden in separated spots in the country, there are small town which become the witness of great culture development in the past. Other small town, shows that it has persist its building for centuries and it is similarly how it was initially built and affected by Roman culture.

Sharing border with Arabian gulf countries, Turkey has particular and different language compare to its neighborhood environment. Furthermore, in Turkey, it is not identically inhabited by Arabian. There is more European than Arabian, though. I’d like to invite you to see best places in Turkey you may miss and are hardly promoted :

1. Ephesus

Ephesus best places in turkey

Located in Izmir province, Ephesus or local called it Ephesos, is a Roman styled ruin and also archaelogical site. The ruin was built in both Greek and Roman architecture which show it was magnificent venue or environment.

As typical of many Greek and Roman building, the ruin of Ephesus is designed by considering important elements such as presence of statues, pillars, and also larce scale of theater. Knowing Ephesus is a historical site, there are plenty of hotels nearby where you can stay during trip in Izmir. Those hotels are exactly near the site so you don’t need times to go to the ruin.

Influenced by Roman culture in the past, Ephesus stands as contrast building’s shape compare to other adjacent Turkish modern ones.

2. Göreme

Goreme the best places to visit

Goreme is also an ancient ruin that was built around 10 and 11th century. It is actually a name of valley located in Navsehir province in Cappadocia district. During the time, based on historical journey, this valley changed its name due to civilization inhabit it such as Matiana, Maccan, and Avcilar, those name are still used at the present.

Tachnically, Goreme is a valley with sedimented volcanic rock derived from eruption. People who live there initiate to carve the rock formation into shape of dwelling in various size. Since it is carved from the rock formation, houses seems to be tucked under it.

Marked as UNESCO world heritage, dwellings were seemly incompleted in development because there are still rock formations haven’t been carved yet. Means, still enough space for other ancient visitors.

3. Amasya

Amasya the best places to visit

Hiding behind rocky mountais and heading toward Yeşilırmak river, Amasya is home for famous Turkish folklore, Ferhat and Sirin which tells about legendary tale where a tunnels digger named Ferhat dug tunnels to direct water from the river and cleave rocky mountains for fullfilling Sirin’s fathers wish and win his favor.

Beyond the legend, you can still see how magnificent buildings in the town backdropped by rocky mountains and the river separate the town into half. Connected with Ottoman styled antique bridge, Amasya is romantic in the evening. There are plenty of bright lamp beaming the
cliff of mountains from bellow so its cliff can be highlighted. Give artificial ambience which in photographs could look so being speciallized as background.

4. Mardin

mardin town best places in turkey

It is a small town that is built by following the countour of slope. With typical color of material, displayed as pale brown, highlighted by a drop of sunlight, Mardin looks like Jerusalem but in Turkey. More likely, there are numerous minarets and house gate which the shape resembles as those used in middle eastern specifically Jerusalem itself.

And also, in Mardin, there are Kurdish, Christian, and Syrian settlement that they living in harmony. Although its nature similar as middle eastern which dry and dusty, but without sand and desert, it tends t cloudy. Perhaps its location that near to Syrian which has drier climate, so region adjacent is following to adapt or at least gradually synchronize with gulfstream atmosphere.

Such a melting pot of ethnicities means that Mardin has some seriously good food particularly favorable for any sweet teeth. Be sure to try “cevizli sucuk” appear as walnuts dipped in grape molasses.

5. Pamukkale

pamukkale best places in turkey

Pamukkale is Turkish natural wonder which means ‘Cotton Castle’ due to its whie terraces and semi-blue water. The water contains minnerals and usually used as bath. Means visitors are freely dip their body into the pond and have their skin washed with minneral compounds.

Pamukkale is located at Denizli province and be part of Pamukkale Natural Park. Formed by sedimentation and displayed as levelling rock formation, Pamukkale has numbers of pond just like swimming pool but with natural water. The rock formation is totally white in color. Too white until the water is visibly blue when be seen through distances.

6. Sumela Monastery

Sumela Monasty best places in turkey

Nested right at the edge of the cliff, Sumela Monastery is home for coreligionist in Byzantine’s era. Back to 1923 when it is officially closed for religious worship and begin to open for tourism
destination, seeing it from distances may give you general sight and start to realize it has not only rocky cliff as backdrop but also cluster of mountains.

Located in Trabzon district, Sumela Monastery was used for Greek Chatolic church. Its remote location shows that it is hard to reach without attempt to walk through forest and sheer path. Similar to another typical monastery, Sumela resembles as those exist on other Asia countries such as China and Tibet. Most monastery, don’t know why, will seemingly take place on the top of high mountain, or at the edge of cliff, or hidden under rocky mountain and many isolated place, but still have correlation with fresh air nature.

Perhaps it is due to the monks are purposely seek specific location with tranquil environment and so they are able to focus on worshipping and other religious activities.

7. Ani

Ani best places in turkey

Famous for its citadel ruin and seemingly was built as fairly large complex of settlement, Ani perches on the path of ancient silk road. The town had been abandoned and leaving ruin as tourism attraction. In 14th century, Mongol raids succed to force people leaving and the rest are evacuated.

Ani is actually complex located in Kars province. Almost near the border with Armenia at the east. Despite its location in Turkey which is considered as Muslim country, Ani is a citadel with Roman and Greek architectural style. Its unique shape can be tracked back from the ruin showing how construction is made from material similarly used in at similar era– of Greek building.

8. Aspendos

Aspendos roman best places in turkey

Located in trans Eurasia is a reason why Turkish, in the past, was influenced by adjacent state’s cultures. Several of ruins in Turkey shows how not only Arabian which considered as Muslim give color in Turkish architectures, but non-Arabian culture did it as well. Some of historical sites mentioned as Chatolic and Crhistian’s belonging. Giving the ancient trade-route of silk road is more make sense and believed pass through modern Turkish region.

Aspendos is the evidence of cultural blend between Roman and Greek with local Turkish. There is a large scale of theather in Aspendos resembles similar structure exist on neighbor Mediteranean countries. Perhaps the theather is the only remain ruin in Aspendos distric. The name of Aspendos itself has proven that it is not Turkish. Other toursim attraction is mammoth bulk of Roman in Antalya, near Aspendos.

9. Pergamum

Pergamom best places in turkey

Turkey has an abundance of Greco-Roman ruins, but none can be nominated as romantic as placed as ancient Pergamum, or locals called it Pergamon. Once home to one of the ancient world’s most important libraries, Pergamum’s remaining temple remnants now preside dramatically on a hilltop.

The ruin has incredible Arcopolis-like architecture with one cut of theather in another side. The theather is not formed as a whole cirlce as resembles to other complete shape. However, its half cut takes place on the hillside of the slope and give directly heading view toward downpath for audiences. In the past, this location presumably become center of education for bachelor who want seek cultural comparison with adjacent nation.

10. Ölüdeniz

Oludenis best places in turkey

Perching on the coastline of Mediteranean sea, Oludeniz also located between two renowned province, Izmir and Antalya. Oludeniz is famous for its beach panorama and nominated as best sunset spot. With fairly shallow coast and white shands, it is not only what Oludeniz offer fom travelers.

Also blessed with mountainous topography, from hilltop, paragliding can be done with assistance of windy weather. From above, during gliding, view bellow is mesmerizing since concave coastline will be at its perfect display in summer.

11. Cappadocia

Cappadocia best places in turkey

One most wanted tourism attractionin Cappadocia is flying with hot air balloon. Seeing panorama from above, correspond to its close location with historical site Goreme, highlighting your sight with more clear display of neolitic structure. Rock formations are carved into shape of dwelling in abundant numbers. Besides, karst slope is also panoramic scen that Cappadocia try to sell.

Another best attraction during your flight with balloon is glamour sunset. You can ask –it is usually provided– photographs taken from above. While in the evening, Goreme ancient site is beamed with dim light to boost the effect of romantic standpoint.

Watching Goreme rock valley by flying on hot air balloon is the best attraction you can take on trip to Cappadocia. Make sure you have no problem with altitude and windy unstable weather.

12. Safranbolu

Safranbolu best places in turkey

Safranbolu is actually get its name from the word Safron, one of precious spice traded during the time of its glory in the past. While safron is considered as oneof most expensive and good taste food ingridient, Safranbolu named itself as small town with approximately 1000 registered historical site. Some of them displayed as sacred tombs, Turkish monumental bath-house, and the rest are mosques which has persist its existence since the 17th century.

Influenced by mixed Greek-Roman styled architecture, Safranbolu covers area of 1000 km square, almost right at the bank of Black sea. It is modest town with humble civilization. Maybe not many natural attraction. However, cultural blending with locals can also unforgetable moment.