jordan city best places to visit

Jordan occupies one great cut out of the Arabian Peninsula. Sandwiched between the more tu multuous nations of contested Israel, Iraq and Syria, it’s long been considered one of the rare stable enclaves of the region; one replete with mind-blowing UNESCO World Heritage Sites and totemic cultural hotspots – not least of all the carved ancient Nabatean ruins of Petra and the very site where Jesus Christ is thought to have been baptized!

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Add in a deep, deep history going back thousands of years to the times of the earliest humans (archeological findings have suggested that even Neanderthal roamed these parts), and Jordan also begins to reveal its crumbling Roman cities, its exquisite Ottoman charm, those Persian treasures and Egyptian relics from long gone dynasties.

Jordan isn’t all about touring the past though, and you’ll only have to look to the lively streets of Aqaba on the Red Sea for world-class diving, or the downtown areas of Amman – the capital – for a burgeoning nightlife scene and up-coming modern art to boot.

Lets explore the best places in Jordan to be visited:

1. Petra

petra best places in jordan

The undisputed piece de resistance of Jordan is a place totally unlike anywhere else in the country.

Set out between the red-hued desert escarpments in the southern heartlands of the country, it’s thought the site was first inhabited in the 4th century BC. It was the ancestral capital of the thriving Arabian Nabataean civilization, which managed to raise the rock-cut treasuries and temples here to one of the most important trading outposts in the region.

Today, the whole enchanting site is known for its roles in Hollywood blockbusters like Indiana Jones, and comes hidden between a series of winding siq (tunnels created by erosion) passageways that are a real treat to explore.

In short: Petra is not to be missed!

2. Al-Maghtas

al-maghtas best places in jordan

Butting up to the Israel-Jordan border on the extreme eastern edge of the country, the dust-caked conglomeration of small dig sites and uncovered builds known as Al-Maghtas is arguably one of the most important biblical relics to be found on the entire courses of the Jordan River.

Tagged by UNESCO and slowly becoming a high-profile pilgrimage site for Christians (think papal visits aplenty in the last couple of decades), it’s thought to have been the original site of the baptism of Jesus.

Since it is the location that specifically become one of most popular biblical site ever stay for period of importance, Al Maghats still remain an untouched ruin. However, its rule in the past cannot be ignored. A small pond with shallow water persist and show how dramatic an event in the past was. Pilgrims can feel the atmosphere overwhelmed when in the past, people walk downstair to take water and use it for multiple aim.

Apart from that, the spot displays an interesting array of Jewish and Christian religious remains, Roman constructions, and Orthodox monasteries from the ages of the Ottomans and Mamluks.

3. Amman

Amman best places in jordan

Is one of important city in Jordan among beating pulse of Arabian feel and have great sense of history and culture side. Amman can represent Jordan as a whole nation through a city.

If we see Jordan as one of Arabian country that remain in deserty realm, Amman looks like a pearl that have almost what you are search for. Wide street, metropolis people, but still provide cultural site of historical journey.

There is also main menu in Amman when you want visit. An average collosal Roman theatre remain in ammonite fortification. Besides, as multicultural country, Amman show tollerance undergone in an undisturbed. Mosques and curches make up the city in Jabal al Qal’a.

Go to Abdali where you can walk on boulevard finding high street boutique. Amman is simply where the ancient site and the modern structure combined very well.

4. Jerash

Jerash best places in jordan

The most popular historical destination in Jerash in an ancient Roman ruin. The site is a contrast complex of non-Arabian culture hidden in totally Arabian country. The ruin is almost as famous as Petra temple, the legendary rock-cut mega structure.

Visiting the ruin in Jerash you can feel how exquisite Roman building was from its rocky gate, pilars, and theater typical in Roman culture. There is also great plaza between pillars’s structure depicting unique things Roman usually built at least until its fall. Those architectures are still enable to enjoyed until now.

From certain point of view, you can compare how rocky mega structure see as ancient and look at the modern city that shows towers as magnificent comparison. Don’t forget to take picture in the stone gate of the ruin. It’s different from every Arabian ones. It is Roman inside Arabian.

5. Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum best places in jordan

Nothing special in Wadi Rum except its scorched orange sun bathing desert, like mostly desert in Arabian peninsula. It is a natural wonders in Jordan located in southern realm of the country. In Wadi Rum, beside sand desert, you can see natural rocky hill spreading from the horizon.

Wadi Rum is well known for its orange sand and often become one of spot used in film making. Back to 1962 where movie entitled Lawrence of Arabia took place in Wadi Rum, the desert depiction is obviously real as exquisite picture. It showed that Arabia is famous for its desert, and Wadi Rum is optional place to select beyond the Arabian peninsula coutries.

Rocks among the sands are also good representatives for film making. Crew can obtain several attraction in one place only; the sand, the rocks, rock climbing, and panorama of cloud and sunset as well.

6. Dead Sea

dead sea best places in Jordan

Become one of most important landmark in Jordan and also knonw as highest-contained salt water, Dead sea is maybe the only place in the world you can submerged both literaly and technically.

Located in western side of the country, adjacent to Israeli border, Dead Sea please tourist with hotels and resorts. People visiting arround Dead sea will not only be able to enjoy the minerally water destination but also other treat.

There are mineral evaporation pools with carnalite and potassium contained. The minerals are good for skin treatment, besides during the soak bath you can order for food to accompany at poolside.

Popular pictures are also taken as you floating on the water like a log while reading a book. No vest needed.

7. Aqaba

aqaba resorts best places in jordan

Inspite of its lack of natural tourist destination, Aqaba provide visitors with luxury hotel resorts. It famous for its beach and become the gate of dead sea. Still adjacent with Israeli border, Aqaba good at tranquil nightlife. Contrast with most media told you about war in Isreali border.

Beside the tranquil life in upper surface, you can dive in the sea, but not dead sea, to find underwater ruin. In Aqaba, you will be pampered with luxury Arabian nightlife with sisha and traditional food. It will also camel to mount as if you are man in caravan.

Not diving and not living lux life as Arabian noblemen, you can still enjoy the beach with clear water. Although Jordan is Arabian country, it is moderat ones so there is no problem wearing exposed bikini cloth in the beach, along locals with its fully covered cloth.

8. Mujib Nature Reserve

wadi mujib best places in jordan

Mujib nature reserve is literally walk among giant tectonic wall with super shallow river on your feet. With Jordan’s hot temperature, the existence of rocky natural structure makes you feel colder. The wall-like rock will hide you under them from scorching sun light. It is one of outdoor tourist attraction that other countries may have, but in Jordan, it’s too expensive to miss.

Mujib nature reserve was formed by the downstream of saline water of the dead sea. Carving the edge of the tectonic slope in shape of alley. Here you can do slope climbing and right after, cooling down body temperature in waterfall. It can be said that Mujib is Jordan’s Canyon but able to explored from the bottom.

You can walk down the path on foot or by traditional Arabian mount, camel, wich is also provided by order.

9. Dana Natural Reserve

Dana Nature Reserve best places in jordan

Going to Dana natural reserve like going to the next level of Mujib with still rocky mountain but with additional fog in the evening. Dana is a perfect place to built tent and campfire. In late evening, it’s a stargazing panorama every photograpers deserve to obtain.

Since it is located in the upper yard, from certain spot you can see downward the town nearby. Sunrise is also attraction cannot be missed by the time approaching the dawn.

Dana natural reserve is provided for hiking lover, but still need to well-prepared since the closest town is a bit distances. Dana is also a spot where ancient ruin located. People inhabitant was mostly rely on herd and dairy.

10. Madaba

madaba best places in jordan

Madaba is old city with ancient ruin combination between Islamic culture and post Roman empire. Typical Roman ruins still available to find with its unique pillars along the construction and curches with renaisance architecture. While Islamic culture influences the mosques where spiked minarets is obviously visible.

Mosaics reflects that it was two influencing power ever established in Madaba. The Arabian Muslims and Roman Chatolic inhabitants life in harmony from old time last until present.

Interesting things present in amost old city besides its historical hiritages are traditional markets and taverns. In Madaba, visitor can enjoy not only something historist but also cultural relation with local people. Try to take meal, tea, and sisha which become identity of most Arabian culture.

11. Ajloun

Aljoun best places in jordan

Or mentioned as Jabal Ajloun. Is an undulating green hils in northen Jordan and famous of its ancient castle ruin on hilltop. The castle is surrounded by green pines like carpet and from the top visitor can see the town downward. Just like real ancient fortress in most European castle-based stroy.

The mighty castle was belong to Muslim dynasty that ruled present Jordan. From the castel, we can also reveal chronicle of masters perching on the castle for centuries. There is also villages downhill that covered under the law of ruler.

The term Ajloun itself is synonymous to olive, represent olive plants surrounding the hill. In the past, people inhabitant harvest olive and extracted its oil then used as food ingridient.

12. Ma’an

Ma'an best places in jordan

Ma’an is Jordan’s one of suburban that devide between the old and the new. It is an old Nabatean realm that become an outpost from Petra. The location is nearly crossing for travelers who will make way to Egypt, Israel, and Red sea.

Simply like Petra, Ma’an find itslef in melting pot between modern culture but still remain in ancient philosophy. Resembles as other melting pot between the old and new, ancient ruin is one of must visited tourist attraction. Besides, traditional market and blending with locals are also perfect option to feel more Jordanian atmosphere.

Due to its scorching sun, Ma’an develops solar panels to power the city. Located in the middle of route, travelling to next tourism destination may take distances. However, setllements passed is friendly for travelers.